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  1. SunWorshiper

    Creating A New Strain - Sacrifice Of Colton - Via SunWorshiper's Offgrid Greenhouse

    Aloha to all. This is SunWorshiper back for season 3! Starting off this year indoors getting an early start for outdoor season, well greenhouse season. Season 3 is very exciting for me as last year I pollinated some buds and a couple days ago I began germination. Its been maybe 15 years...
  2. Ron Strider

    NH: Mom Credits Medical Cannabis Treatment For Saving son

    A local mother is crediting cannabis-based treatment for preventing her 13-year-old son from dying of a condition that causes severe seizures. Janice Taglieri and her son, Colton Schools, 13, of Ossipee spoke with the Sun on Thursday about how the marijuana treatment has helped the Kingswood...
  3. Ron Strider

    CA: Colton Group Petitioning For Citizen-Backed Marijuana Initiative On 2018 Ballot

    A citizens committee in Colton has launched an initiative to regulate and tax local cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution in order to generate millions of dollars in revenue for law enforcement, schools and public safety programs. The Committee for Safer Neighborhoods and...
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