columbian gold

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    Columbian Gold ready for the chop. 9 weeks of flowering 6/1/19
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    Columbian Gold 9 weeks of flowering. 6/1/19
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    Columbian Gold ready for harvest after 9 weeks of flowering 6/1/19
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    Columbian Gold. 9 weeks of flowering. 6/1/19
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    These came today..only took 8 days....mmmm. Came with tracking.
  6. Tiropita

    Abandoned First Timer! - Bag Seed - Amnesia Auto & Columbian Gold - CFL - Grow

    :welcome: Hey, what's up everyone? I am starting a new grow and it's my first one. I am beyond excited. I rigged up 8 CFL bulbs - attached them to one 3 light bathroom vanity, each slot has a Y-splitter in it to hold 2 bulbs each and 2 lamps. I have 4x 23W Daylight bulbs centralized, 3 42W...
  7. D

    Completed 1st Grow Journal: Magnum Platinum Haze, Colombian Gold, Northern Lights, Gruene Hessin

    Hi guys :) Ive been observing this forum for quite a while now, mainly cause of some of the great tutorials that get posted here. I decided id share my grow with you... All of it started like a month ago, but everythig is documented ;) Tent Homebox Evolution Q100 1x 600 Watt GiB Flower...
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