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  1. George Mc

    What byproducts come from cannabis

    Is there a thread that can tell me what by products come from cannabis? I am referring to items like hash and CBD oil. I know there are quite a few more but was looking for a place that listed all of them and how to make those items
  2. GrizzWald

    Reliable CBD test for home use

    Just come across this on another forum.. not sure if it works but be good for some if it does.. By thecleangame DIY 8 Minute Home CBD Indicator Test! (Clear and Accurate Results!) thecleangame (58) in cbd - 3 days ago Simple, Reliable, and Quick! This test uses materials you can usually...
  3. Ron Strider

    ME: Augusta Council Divided On Marijuana Moratorium

    City councilors had a sharply divided reaction Thursday to a proposal to enact a local six-month moratorium banning the sale of recreational marijuana, with some councilors saying the city and the state already have had more than a year to come up with regulations but failed to do so. Other...
  4. W

    Mid South Outdoor Multi-Strain Grow - Lots Of Pics

    Hi there I have been lurking here for a few years now and finally decide to start a grow journal and share some of my growing experience with some of the new outdoor growers, I have never grow cannabis indoor and I know NOTHING at all about indoor growing but I have been using the indoor...
  5. R

    What is wrong with this plant?

    I recently had this given to me it was underwatered and root bound. I have transplanted and watered it but it has not started to come out of it after a day. What should I do?
  6. F

    First time grower

    So spent alot of time wanting to start but the time has now come tell me what you think
  7. D

    Oral test came back clean?

    I frequently smoke pot, i did the day before an oral test. I did nothing to try to beat the test, but it must have come back from the lab negative because i got the job. How in the hell did this happen?
  8. Resinman

    Nimbin mardi grass 2017

    Come on aussies. Come support our medical plant and help to legalize. Huge 3 days of everything weed.
  9. Kingjoe83

    Crop King Seeds Auto NYC Diesel First Grow - Come Follow Me & My First Journal

    Come dont be shy and I PROMISE not to ask too many questions lol:Namaste::Namaste::Namaste:
  10. K

    CA: Prop 64 To Legalize Marijuana - Who's Backing It, Who's Fighting It And Why?

    Supporters of Proposition 64, which would legalize recreational marijuana for Californians 21 and older, have raised 15 times more money than opponents. But high-profile Republicans and Democrats, health professionals and educators, law enforcement and religious leaders continue to come down...
  11. E

    Hi Everyone! - Come grow with me!

    Hi everyone! I will be completely honest and say that I'm not really forum guy, but since I took up growing as hobby this place has been extremely helpful. I was drawn into making a grow log, to keep my own records, but also to share with someone who might be in my same situation and get advice...
  12. R

    Here I Grow Again

    Dear 420 friends, First I want to apologize for my disappearing act last summer. You guys helped me so much getting my first grow up and running, provided great advice when I needed, and welcomed me to the coolest online community i have ever experienced. Before my grow was complete, I...
  13. M

    Oil slick sheet problem

    hi there. not sure if this is posted in the correct spot. I recently bought a roll of oil slick sheet from what i've seen on videos, when making rosin, it should simple come off. mine won't. I've made rosin with bud and kief with hair straightener with different temperatures and the...
  14. Ninja Dodo

    What's best to salvage what's left?

    Hey folks, Dodo here, pleased to meet you.:48: Well, I'm definitely a newb at growing, planted outside in the middle of January on the 30th parallel without any research into what the hell I was doing. My girls hardly grew (duh), began to flower in late March (never got over 1 ft.), rained...
  15. C

    Marijuana booster

    Anyone try these from ilgm. Come in 3 bottles used in Amsterdam..
  16. KidGrow420

    Making peace with cannabis - Zachary Walsh - TEDxPenticton

    I'll be defiantly attending the next TED talk, when they come back to speak about Marijuana here in the Okanagan valley.
  17. Meek246unruly


    Hi there everyone. Recently i have a sativa female(im not sure what strain) and i pollinated if with a indica male.im wondering what the seeds will produce,what dominant is would be or can someone explain what are tging things to expect. Im new to breeding so i need some help. Thank alot
  18. A

    Hey There 420MaGeRs BEAST COAST

    Whats Up 420 people, excited to get involved with this community there is so much information and knowledge here it is incredible. I have already had the pleasure to have met one friendly person here who was kind a passed on a Jar of Great White and Azomite I will absolutely be using (All he...