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    CA: Pot Legalization Baked Into This Year's Sketchfest Comedy

    SF Sketchfest is back with the keyed-up fanaticism of a major comic book convention, only beefed up to last half a month and dedicated to comedy instead. The celebration spans 17 days in January, with a seemingly unending bill of performances, film screenings, podcast recordings, game shows...
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    Chuck Lorre-Kathy Bates Marijuana Comedy 'Disjointed' Ordered To Series By Netflix

    Netflix has given a series order to "Disjointed," a comedy from Chuck Lorre. The multi-camera comedy stars Kathy Bates as a lifelong marijuana-legalization advocate who realizes her dream of running a pot dispensary in Los Angeles. Working alongside Bates's character are her son, three...
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    Funny Names For Your Plants and Pieces

    Have you ever named your plants or pieces, for example "Leaf Erickson" for the first seedling to sprout, "Wesley Pipes" for your badass pipe, "Johnny Appleweed" for your apple pipes. If you have any "Punny" names to share this is the thread for it. So far I have leaf erickson, Marilyn Mongrow...
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    Robin Williams

    the comedian Robin Williams! i was watchin some stand up comedy on youtube, and he was talkin bout his weed stories hahaha. amazingly funny.
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