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  1. Ron Strider

    KY: Comer's First Federal Bill Aims To Loosen Hemp Regulations

    Kentucky's First District Congressman, James Comer, is making good on a promise to file legislation to reclassify industrial hemp from a controlled substance to an agriculture crop. Comer filed the Industrial Hemp Farming Act Friday. He says it is his attempt keep the Department of Justice...
  2. K

    KY: Comer Plans To Suggest Hemp-Legalizing Legislation

    In a congressional environment where industrial hemp has prominent supporters on both sides of the aisle, U.S. Rep. James Comer, R-Tompkinsville, aims to present a bill during the current legislative session calling for national legalization of the crop. Comer spokesman Michael Gossum said...
  3. K

    KY: Hemp Complaint Dismissed - State Official Noncommittal On Issue

    The Kentucky Executive Branch Ethics Commission on Monday apparently dismissed a complaint lodged against former state agriculture commissioner James Comer alleging he played party politics in issuing memorandums of understanding to allow individuals grow industrial hemp. The complaint...