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  1. Rich Farmer

    Brix! The Quest For Grade AAA Organic Cannabis

    Whats up everyone! Its still very early and wont be planting for a bit but want to get a journal going niw and will document my transition to doc buds high brix kit! Very very excited! Coming from coco so this should be a real treat! Ill give more info as we go but it will be a sativa grown...
  2. D

    What's up fam!

    Hey everyone i go by jay or looch..which ever you prefer lol..im from the east coast and i grow just to learn and prep myself for big things coming..i really look forward to chatting with yall about these amazing plants and learning as much as i can
  3. T

    1200W 32"x32"x63" First Time Grow

    This is my first time grow, 3 gorilla glue#4 and 1 chronic purple from seed All have been transplanted into 1 cubic foot smart pots, are 3 weeks old at the start of this journal. They are being grown under a generic brand 1200watt LED in a 32"x32"x63" tent(the tent coming soon) with fox farm...
  4. W

    Female or male?

    Hi i posted a thread a few days ago about my plant's sex. I think my plant started to showing sex but i still can't be sure. There is a thing coming out next to stipules. Are they pistils?
  5. beez0404

    Do new grow tents have a period where they give off gas?

    My wife purchased a 2' x 2' x 4' tall grow tent for some small scale indoor growing. I set it up the other day and noticed it had an odor coming from the inside when I opened it up. Is that normal? If so how long till that smell goes away?
  6. P

    I'm lost here as to what is wrong

    First it was a light issue and them it was overwatering. They are just not recovering like I thought/expected so coming back to the community for guidance. Today is 14 days from when they sprouted from the rock wool. 10 days from being in DWC with just ph'd water to 5.7ish and no nutrients...
  7. C

    Clone Wars 900 Watt LED Soil Grow

    Hi Gang, Check it out -Growing from 6 clones from 2 vegging feminized Afghan plants -Growing in 4 clones in soil, HP Promix & Foxfarm Ocean Forest mix -Growing 2 Clones rockwool prior to transplanting into different medium -Growing under 900 Watt Viparspectra LED + One 35 Watt LED...
  8. C

    Canada's Weed Legal July 1 2018

    Well, looks like we'll have to be patient for 16 more months. CBC news is reporting that an official announcement will be coming on April 10th: Weed to be finally legal all across Canada 1st of July 2018. We shouldn't be surprised, the provinces and territories need some time to set up their...
  9. K

    Marijuana Coming Close To Idaho

    Though legal marijuana isn't coming to Idaho anytime soon, legal marijuana is getting closer to the state. The Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports that the newest Whitman County marijuana store allowed by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board plans to set up shop less than one mile...
  10. N

    Advice on how plant is looking

    Hey 420 growers, Seeking your thoughts on how my Female White Widow is coming along... This is my first grow and Im a little worried about the color of the leaves on the new growth coming through.. Im growing in a DWC setup, which consists of a 20L bucket, 5" netted pot, 6" airstone...
  11. D

    At home tests

    Could anyone tell me where I could purchase a home drug test that is a bit more in depth than the dollar store strips? Those work well, mind you, but I'm still coming up positive, and would like to know just how positive I still am.
  12. P

    PG&E coming to inspect my house - Should I be worried?

    So PG&E called and said they are coming to inspect household for any leaks because of my increase of usage. I only went from 100$ a month to like 400-450$. Has anyone hear experienced this situation? if so, what happend? Everything I have set up is legal and under my allowed plant count so...
  13. L

    Some pistils coming out brown already?

    Hey everyone, Iv posted a few threads here and got great feed back so I just want to say thaks for that. My girl is 5 weeks into flowering and some of the pistils are coming out brown. There's buds that have plenty of white ones slowly turning brown maybe about 5 percent of them are...
  14. D


    Wondering if drinking CBD tea (with no THC content) might yield a positive drug test. Have a test coming up soon and don't want to risk testing positive, obviously...
  15. G

    Disaster Strikes? Take A Look

    Soil: used Ednas Best Potting soil EWC, dolomite lime, epsom salt bat guano mix Blue dream seeds, 8 weeks from germination. Growth very healthy. Up potted into 7 gal on sunday with above mix. All new growth is coming in yellow, up and down the plant. All progressing within the last 48...
  16. schomegrown

    Has anyone experimented with this type of LED?

    Ge Lighting LED 26W. I am thinking about giving them a try on my up coming grow. Would love to hear all comments and experiences.
  17. T

    Need some help identifying sex

    so this is my first grow. I'm working with nirvana autoflower feminzed seeds. Ive read that fems can still turn herm or male. what confuses me is this looks like a male but there are white hairs coming out of the one sac. what do you think?