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  1. K

    CA: Commercial Cannabis Farm Registration Ends Smoothly

    A last-day change in the application process that allowed people registering cannabis farms to turn in their paperwork and have it stamped by county workers for review at a later time relieved the anticipated crush of people trying to beat the deadline at 4 p.m. on Thursday. Calaveras County...
  2. K

    Commercial Cannabis Growers Jam Calaveras County Government Center To Beat Deadline

    Scores of applicants for permits to grow commercial cannabis were lined up outside the Calaveras County government center in San Andreas on Tuesday, clutching sleek portfolios and loose sheaves of paperwork less than 72 hours ahead of the final cutoff to register as commercial growers. "I...
  3. R

    Missouri Senate Committee Passes Bill To Legalize Some Commercial Hemp Farming

    Yesterday, a Missouri Senate committee passed a bill to authorize the growth and production sale of industrial hemp for commercial purposes by larger producers. Passage into law would represent a foundation to nullify the unconstitutional federal prohibition in practice. Introduced by Rep...
  4. R

    Sacramento City Council Passes Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance

    Tuesday night the Sacramento City Council voted to allow cultivation permits for medical clinics to grow indoors within the city limits. That vote has paved the way for the city to be able to tax and license commercial marijuana growing, which could bring in millions of dollars to the city's...
  5. R

    Newark Council Bans Commercial Medical Marijuana Cultivation

    Although commercial cultivation of medical marijuana is prohibited in Newark under an ordinance unanimously approved Jan. 14 by the City Council, qualified patients and their primary caregivers will still be allowed to grow their own plants. The city specifically banned medical marijuana...
  6. TckCliff

    Large Commercial Warehouse Grow

    Hello All, I am new to the forums, but not to gardening. I am planning on moving locations and building out a larger facility and am looking to throw ideas back and forth from people who have set up larger Commercial warehouse Grows. Now I will be doing this in Oregon where it is legal and...
  7. C


    High, I'm new here, but in doing research, I am wondering: Is Growpech and igrowoakland taking over the weed market?? The Gropech site is 60,000 square feet and will produce 350lbs. a week?!? What do you think?:yikes:
  8. G

    Best Commercial Strain

    Hi fellow cultivators, I am looking for some guidance on which strain to select for a vertical scrog using two 600w hps lights in a cool tube in an NFT setup. I was thinking of critical mass or maybe Ak-47 if I want to sacrifice some yield. I heard chronic wasnt good in a scrog because it doesnt...
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