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    Will I pass my drug test?

    I took 3 hits of some mid-grade stuff and had a drug test 7 days after. Before that I was completely clean. Average metabolism. What ya'll think?
  2. J

    New grower needing ideas on flowering!

    So basicly my Sensi Skunk Automatic is 45 days old! flowers started showing around day 30 All seems to be going well from what someone said(Still not sure on dying leafs at bottom, some say its normal, some not?) Im trying to do it completely organic! Using just worm humus and and...
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    Flowering Problem

    Hello growers glad to find websites like this. I am completely newbie also i found this website too late. When i started growing i read native language blog which is completely wrong and lacking infos. after i spend few hours in this forum i realize i made a lot of huge mistakes and i wanna...
  4. K

    Underfed and not growing

    Hi, I've made a terrible mistake as i was rushed into hospital i left my plants around 48 hours without food which made them completely dry and weak, Problem being was they were 3 weeks into flower, I fed them after taking 2 dead plants out and the others seemed to take the food and nutrition...