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compost & compost tea

  1. B

    Good tea for PK boost?

    What up growbros! What do you guys think about a simple tea to help boost the P and K or my girls during weeks 3,4,5 of flower? Was thinking about per gallon to add 1 Tbsp of DTE Langbeanite (0-0-21.5) 1 Tbsp DTE seabird guano (0-11-0) 1/2 Tbsp DTE Azomite (for trace minerals and such) 1 Tbsp...
  2. Newbill10

    Pruning outdoor plants for high humidity

    I'm looking for suggestions on how to trim plants for the Southern California coastal climate. Last summer we had some bud rot and powdery mildew, manageable but not ideal. Pruning and extra N could hold of flowering until October? Tips would be helpful. What Strain is it? Cherry Kush X Star...
  3. L

    Can ACT be raising the risk for people with low immunity?

    Hey all. My first started thread and my first aerated compost tea :circle-of-love: I'm working with what I've been able to find to make the tea. (hopefully) Well made compost (I chose not to use store bought products at all). A 5 liter food grade container (hopefully clean). The...
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