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  1. HotshotShorty

    Worm castings, vermicompost, recycle, organic

    Greetings, I have found a worm bin for $25 used. From EVERYTHING that I have read, worm castings(worm poop) is/are ultra fantastic for gardens. I am not going hydro, so I am going to give vermicomposting(composting using worms) a try. They say, worms will consume most any vegetable matter...
  2. El Gusanito

    Worms galore

    Just started a new project to go along with the other grows. Worms yes worms. Getting 2 kinds red wigglers and european nightcrawlers.So by next spring I should have loads of worm castings for my future girls. And for friends and of course for fishing. I will try and post as the project goes...
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