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  1. K

    Infused Coconut Oil mg/g Expectations

    How many milligrams per gram of total active cannabinoids should I expect by infusing 1/4 ounce of dry bud into 1/2 cup of coconut oil with a teaspoon of Lecithin if the bud contains 16% total active cannabinoids? I have spent a small fortune on testing but don't have a bench mark to compare my...
  2. A

    New and lovin' every bit of it!

    Hi 420 Magazine Friends, I am a mid-50s disabled woman living in Northern California. I am diligently researching a move to Panama, after being forced into homelessness in the county ranked #3 in the nation for having the highest homeless population per capita. There are very few programs...
  3. SweetSue

    SweetSue's Cannabis Oil Study Hall

    The journey begins.......... I came to 420 Magazine on a fit of whimsy. My husband was dying and I wanted to keep him high until the end. Since I was going to grow, why not do a grow journal? My only intent was to document the grow for my own record. After all, who cared what a 61-year old...
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