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  1. C

    Does my NL Auto 4wk old look ok to you guys?

    What the title says really? She's had preflowers for about a week but I'm concerned that she's stretched too much, what do you guys think? I'm a first time grower, also I thought she would be a bit bushier.
  2. D


    what dose higher PH drainage mean , 6.2 went in 6.6 came out. Concerned if the disparity needs attention? thanks duse
  3. T

    Needing Tips!

    Hey guys! I'm new to the community Ive started working on my own strain and right now, they are still seedlings. Although I learned all my tricks from a guy who got busted a few weeks ago, so now I'm in the wind on my own. Right now I have a 3/1.5ft box to grow my seedlings in until the weather...
  4. Lansky

    Ventilation with Thresh Carbon filter in 2x4x7

    Hello my fellow 420ers, I have a question about the kind of ventilation I should go for in my 2x4x7. I am planning to grow 2 plants with a 350W COB LED lighting system and my medium will be soil. I am wondering if: 1- Do I really need ventilation? I don't mean oscillating fans which I plan on...
  5. N

    How's she looking?

    Hey all. Hows my girl look to you? Does she need a haircut. 4th week flowering. Im concerned shes got too many leaves