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  1. Ron Strider

    Israel: This House Made Of Cannabis Is Eco-Friendly And Beautiful

    As states across the U.S. begin to relax marijuana regulations, some intrepid designers are exploring the cannabis plant not for the psychoactive effect for which it is best known, but for its material properties. In Israel, for example, the Tav Group, a Tel Aviv—based architecture firm...
  2. J

    Concrete walls non concrete plans

    I am just planning a grow for my basement. I was hoping to make a cabinet out an old shelving unit I dont use. Removed the shelves and took some pics, will try to post. Dimensions are 34" from the back wall to the front of the 2×6 frame. 8 ft from side to side measuring wall to wall. And 6ft...
  3. S

    Why do buds lose density upon chopping?

    In the past, every time i've grown I will grow out some rockhard yummy nugs, yet within 24 hours of chop the whole bud is droopy and not concrete hard like it was prechop. I assume this has to do with the bud "wilting" and losing moisture and a good dry/cure is what get's this to return? Please...