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    Make or female?

    Hey guys, first time growing a plant from seed, that just came out of some seedy pot we bought...I have three other confirmed females and want to confirm the sex as early as possible to avoid pollination of my other ladies. My gut is telling me our little seed is a lady so I haven't had the...
  2. A

    My feminized seed may be a boy?

    I'm not an expert but these looks like pollen sacks. Can anyone help me confirm? Also I have 3 other fem with white pistils showing, are these developed enough to pollinate those other 3?
  3. J

    Please Confirm

    Can someone confirm if this is actually weed. If it is why won't it goto next leaf stage? It's been about 2 and half weeks.
  4. O

    Deficiency maybe?

    After looking at some pictures of what this might be i have concluded this is a potassium problem. Can anyone confirm or deny this please. Thanks
  5. E

    Confirm it's a male? Please!

    It is about 6 weeks and just noticed tiny balls on my plant soo I'm assuming it is going downhill from here lol 90% sure that it is male.. But if you experts could so kindly confirm and help a girl out? Thanks! Xox