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    Auto hermie

    Can feminized autos Hermie? And if so, do pollen sacks grow along with pre flowers?. I'm a little confused over what I see here.
  2. C

    Very confused with dosing my wife

    Cannabis oil
  3. B

    Weird seedling growth

    Im just confused and concerened!
  4. W

    Rhino Ryder leaf problems

    Hi guys. Realative new to growing so would like to ask your help. Ive currently got a rhino ryder thats nearly 3 weeks old. Ive notice almost since she popped that her leaves have funny markings on them. Does anyone know what this is. Roughly tested soil ph at around 7. She is in bio bizz light...
  5. M

    New grower harvest help please! Confused!

    Hi there this is my seconed grow you always learn from the first, did my nyc diesel came out beautiful however the rqs amnesia haze has confused me the last 2 weeks i dont know if its ready thrre are cloudy/clear trichomes and some have a tint of amber yet most the tops of the buds had white...
  6. S

    New & kinda lost

    hi, I'm not exactly new, but I'm quite rusty, I'm currently growing 1 plant and well....im lost with this one. ill give you the long story short....my mate gave me a plant that was literally just started, tiny stem n 2 ickleteeny tiny leaves...she was left to grow in normal sunlight for like...
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