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  2. G

    Connoisseur pH Perfect A+B

    Hey guys ; I am about to start my second grow so soon , and i can not decide my soil yet . My first time i used Hesi starter kit. I have seen this product . Advanced Nutrients CONNOISSEUR pH Perfect a + b ; and i have heard some good infos anyway , what do you think guys ? Is it worth to try ?
  3. josh223

    Advanced Nutrients

    I'm switching base nutes to Advanced. I meant to buy the Connoisseur but bought Sensi. Four gallons. Veg A&B and Flower A&B. They are still hermetically sealed; unopened. Guys at the shop are awesome beyond belief. I could return them no problems asked. Is there that big of a...
  4. 7Dust

    How to become a Cannabis Connoisseur?

    I seen people not member any more but a Cannabis Connoisseur, so how do you become one.?
  5. G

    Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur

    hi guys, i recently purchased some advanced nutrients connoisseur grow and bloom A & B and i started to use the grow in veg at half the dose and by the next day i started to get blockages which i've not suffered from before in my rdwc. most nutrients indicate if they are for soil/coco or hydro...