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    New old guy - Grew 25 years ago - Getting up to speed

    Hello all. The landscape of mj has changed drastically since my days as a (younger) Humboldt hippy 25+ years ago. Moved on from that time and, as life often does, things have come full circle. So consider this my formal introduction. Thanks to all who contribute to this wonderful...
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    ME: South Portland To Consider Moratorium On Marijuana Businesses

    South Portland - The City Council will consider passing a six-month moratorium on licensing marijuana businesses so city officials would have time to weigh legal questions triggered by last week's passage of a statewide recreational marijuana initiative. The council was scheduled to discuss a...
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    OH: Local Council To Consider Temporary Marijuana Ban

    Miamisburg - Miamisburg will consider Tuesday night placing a temporary ban on medical marijuana. According to a proposed ordinance, the ban would prohibit "the issuance and processing of any permits allowing retail dispensaries, cultivators, or processors of marijuana" in the city. Two...
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    CO: Oak Creek To Consider Marijuana Ordinance

    Steamboat Springs - The Oak Creek Town Board on Thursday will consider an ordinance that would place restrictions on how residents grow marijuana. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. and includes a jam-packed agenda. "It will be a full room for sure," Oak Creek town administrator and clerk Mary...
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    What is considered day 1 of flower?

    I just flipped to flower about 2 days ago and today I woke up to the tiniest little hairs on two different places. Can I consider this day one or do I still got a little bit to go?