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  1. Ron Strider

    There's A Buzz Surrounding Constellation's Legal Marijuana Deal

    It's a mind-expanding investment, man. With the recent purchase of a minority stake in a Canadian marijuana company, Constellation Brands – whose major beer division is based in Chicago and is best known for selling Corona beer, wine and spirits – is lighting up one of the year's most...
  2. Ron Strider

    Is The Best Marijuana Investment a Beer Stock

    For years, many in the business community believed that tobacco and alcohol companies would eventually break into the marijuana market. Now it seems that prediction is finally playing out. Constellation Brands, the US distributor of Corona, Modelo, and Svedka Vodka, as well as the world's...
  3. Ron Strider

    This Is The First Fortune 500 Marijuana Stock

    Constellation Brands, Inc., a Fortune 500 company that owns brands such as Corona beer, Black Velvet Whisky and Casa Noble tequila–recently agreed to take a 9.9% stake in Canadian marijuana company Canopy Growth Corp. The two companies plan to work together to develop and market beverages...
  4. Ron Strider

    Corona Owner Constellation Buys Stake In Canadian Medicinal-Marijuana Company

    Alcohol giant Constellation Brands is making a foray into marijuana, a precedent-setting move for an industry that has mostly stayed on the sidelines during the cannabis boom. Constellation will pay about $191 million (C$245 million) for a 9.9 percent stake in Canopy Growth Corp., a Canadian...
  5. K

    Constellation Sees Opening As Pot Laws Ease

    Constellation Brands Inc., the alcohol giant that sells Corona beer and Svedka vodka, is considering a new approach to livening up its beverages: marijuana. "We're looking at it," Constellation Chief Executive Officer Rob Sands said in an interview. "There are going to be alcoholic beverages...