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  1. Agemon

    Stress Free Transplant - Up Potting

    I remember doing transplants and being worried about when, how, where, etc. I didn't want to damage the plant or even stress it out. I've grown on and off through out my life. Years later I've kinda just started doing it this way and I don't remember every being taught or told to do it this...
  2. H

    Mold In Hydroponic Growing Container

    Hello, I started two auto-flowering (Kush and Jock Horror) plants a month ago in a 3' hydroponic grow box. I forgot to cover the cut-outs not used (there were no net pots in those spaces). As the plants started growing, leaves started turning brown, and I thought the grow box was too hot (95+...
  3. W

    Start Low Stress Training?

    Does now look like a good time to start lst?
  4. D

    Coco or Soil

    Ive been growing outdoors in my back yard for a few years now. been using soil. I'm looking to try something different this year. I have my plants in quart containers in soil, ready to transplant into a larger container for outdoor growing. Can I grow in Coco outdoors? My plants are...
  5. M

    Mayne - You Sure 4 Inches Is All She Needs?

    How about 8? lol, OK, funny title, i know, borderline ethical, probably. If you follow Neil at Grow Pot Cheaply, you know what this is all about. Going to start this Journal for testing run purposes to learn lightsetup, and maybe perpetual. Beans-- No idea. Bag seed that...
  6. L

    New grower seeking knowledge

    :420: hey people :D starting a ,dwc, single box two plant system ,autoflowering, two diff strains. ive been searching far and wide for information on the ,nutrition schedule, and weather or not my intended ,cleaning, method is appropriate for plant saftey and general simplicity. what i was...
  7. goofyfoot

    Autoflower - Green Crack Trials - Second Attempt With Autos

    Howdy All, round two with a Autoflower strain and a first time LED source as primary indoor light. Medium: is hand mixed top soil no Miracle Grow pre-mixed stuff. Plain cow manure top soil with Perlite, charcoal nuggets, sphagnum and ground coquina shell Light source: ViparSpectra...
  8. S

    1 Auto Night Queen In 20 Liter Soil - LEDs & Stuff

    This is a seperate thread for the AutoNightQueen from my Grow#4 session. - Strain: Dutch Passion AutoNightQueen - Soil: 20L BioBizz Light Mix - Container: 25L square - Lights: leds - Box: BBS 60*60 (2*2) - Nutrients: BioBizz Grow, BioHeaven, Top Max + General Organics BioThrive, Bio Root Plus -...
  9. T

    No till container size? Help!

    Hey folks happy growing! We are looking for some advice from you no till gardeners! We are currently using a supersoil we want to make the switch to no till we have a perpetual system and flower in a 4x4 we would like to know what size container we should use we have availbe to us 5 and 7...
  10. J

    Seeds Container

    Before purchasing a vacuum container (photo attached) used keep seeds inside a zip packet, put within a simple glass pot filled with rice grains. And it was in a refrigerator. Now i've put the same zip packet in the refrigerator, but am not sure whether i should add some rice or silica gel as...
  11. W

    Auto AK47 - What size of container would be suitable?

    I got a few seeds due to arrive. These are Auto AK and I'm asking what size pot to use outdoors in my balcony which faces South and is located in the French Mediteranian, very sunny, daily ave max 29°C, min 21°C. I've checked on number of weed sites, but opinions vary. I'm opting for 6...
  12. T

    2 Plants in 1 Container - Questions

    Hi there everyone! My very first time here. Recently I started growing (about 2.5-3 weeks ago) using pure water (I water everyday with a basic squeezer [squeeze to moist the leaves etc.] along with a single handful pour into the container), common soil from my garden in my house (didn't buy...
  13. TheFertilizer

    Bored experimenting

    So I have a bunch of really old bag seeds and I don't think I am really interested in growing them so I am just going to do some experimenting with them. I am kind of interested in what kind of material a person can use for hydroponic medium and I wanted to experiment with some polyster batting...
  14. Marzbadrock

    Roots Of Agony - Marzbadrock's Ongoing Thread Of Hardcore Bondage & Confinement

    After some success with the "solo cup comp" it has been decided to keep the spirit of the comp alive with a small container perpetual grow. This thread is open to seeds, clones, photos and autos that are growing in a 1/2 gallon or smaller container. Looking forward to seeing unique...
  15. borealisdream

    Alaska Commercial Grow Setup

    Hey All, I would like to pick some brains for ideas... I am setting up a limited-commercial grow (500 square feet) in Alaska, yay... we're legal now!!! Anyway, I am going to use (2) 40' insulated high cube containers as my grow space. I am planning to plant Autos in one container using a DWC...
  16. D

    Individual 5 Gal Buckets vs One Large Container - Any Thoughts?

    I'm building a DWC system and thinking about buying a large storage bin (like this: HDX 55 Gal. Storage Tote in Black (Pack of 4)-HDX55GONLINE(4) - The Home Depot) to fill up the majority of my 2x4 veg tent instead of individual 5 gal buckets. This allows me to only test 1 water container...
  17. P


    ??Umm its been a lil while since ive posted any recent pictures but here we go. I have a ? About plants drooping at night is that an issue? I been on18/6 for about a week now in a one gal container for about the same amount of time i was wondering when would be a good time to transplant to final...
  18. H

    Best commercial soil

    Hi, all. I'm going to grow outdoors in 7 gallon buckets. Anyone reccommend a commercial mix? Should I go with potting soil, compost or combination thereof? I'm gonna put them out when they're about 6-8 in., late May. Thanks, Herb.