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  1. M

    How to transplant from gro bags without damaging the plant?

    Outgrew the 3gal. must move up,how is this done compared to standard plastic containers?
  2. T

    Beginner's troubles

    :thumb: Hi everybody,I need some help on why my plants are not doing well like the ones I see people growing "huge buds" I am using both 1000 watt mh and hps bulbs, 1 gallon plastic containers with holes around the bottoms. I use pro mix and an axtra bag of perlite,is that ok? The plants grow...
  3. X


    Has anybody used the fabric pots or what containers are people using?
  4. K

    Jamaica: PM Challenges WISYNCO To Use Hemp In Styrofoam Containers

    Kingston, Jamaica - Prime Minister Andrew Holness has challenged manufacturing company WISYNCO, to explore the use of hemp in its styrofoam production to create more biodegradable containers. Holness' recommendation comes on the heels of the Senate passing a resolution that seeks Government...
  5. W

    12 week outdoor veg - Is this normal?

    Hi! I'm a newbie growing feminized plants for 1st time. I live in a hot Mediterranean climate, average daily max 30°C, min 20°C I planted 3 Northern lights in 11 litre containers outdoors on 20 July. They vegged 50 days and are now flowering. However, one month earlier, I planted 3...
  6. steppedinds

    Looking for sturdy res containers

    i've been buying the larger plastic storage containers from lowes/walmart but they always bulge when more than halfway full and i cant close the lid, and thus algae. any1 got any good ideas? space is like 28"x14"x15" give or take. have to fit two of them in a tight space and be able to get...
  7. S

    Growing massive plants in containers

    I started a 'late' season grow this year with a large quantity of plants to get the kind of yield I need, and due to how successful it has been going thus far I decided I'm going to start planning next year's grow now. I want to grow massive plants in containers. They can't be too tall tho...