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  1. 28 Grams

    GSC - A Simple Indoor Soil Grow With COB Lights!

    28 Gram's Cookies Basic Info Strain: Girl Scout Cookies Soil: FoxFarm Ocean Forest Lighting: DIY COB board. 3x Vero 29 Chips, 130-265W (adjustable). Nutrients: FoxFarm Trio, Pro-Tekt (silicone supp'), Bud-Candy, Hawaiian Bud & Bloom Tent-Size: 36"x20"x63", 5ft2 floor. Tentative...
  2. SweetSue

    SweetSue's Clues to the ECS

    I need a space to drop the clues that keep throwing themselves at me. Maybe if I can get them all in one spot I can reason it out better. The mystery continues. This is such fun, like chasing down a lost treasure. :laugh2: This thread is about as close as you'll get to Susan, the student. If...