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    Ink Bird controller keeps temp at 75º
  2. Controller


  3. T

    LED Light Help

    I'm thinking about purchasing a LED for my 3x3x6 grow tent. I currently use, 1 spider farmer 600w. The lights that I'm looking to purchase are as followed. 1. Advance LED XML 350 2. Spectrum King 450+ 3.G8 LED 450 4.California Light LED Solar System 550 (with controller) Out of...
  4. M

    Fan controller makes fan buzz - Is it normal?

    hi guys, i have a 6" 150mm ram extraction fan HydroGarden | RAM | Inline Duct Fans with a smscom fan controller and thermostat SMSCOM Fan speed controller 6.5 Amp the issue im having is when i plug the fan into the controller the fan makes a buzzing / hummmmm noise even on max. im...
  5. E

    Completed Top Drip Recirculating A La WaterFarm - 1 Pineapple Express - Scrogged - 400watt

    Bucket Size - 5 gallon. Resevoir- separate container w/ 4 gallons solution. Pump -160 gph., continuous Top Drip, no airstone. Medium - Rapid Rooter placed in Hydroton. Lights - (1) 400w MH and HPS. Nutrients - FloraNova Bloom start to finish. Strain - Pineapple Express # of Plants -1...
  6. mackdaddyerb

    TD Silent with Speed Controller less than 20db?

    Has anyone heard of the TD Silent range inline fans? Their 8" model has 3 levels : 90/92/102 W at these noise levels : 21/24/28 DB You can also get a speed controller for it by SP, meaning you could make it even more quiet, below 20DB - thats insane Has anyone used one...
  7. F

    Fan Controller & Fan Choice Question

    Hi Guys, Just a quick one. I ordered the Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller to run my Rhino twin speed fan. Apparently you are not supposed to run the twin speed version with a controller... Can anyone shed some more light on this for me? Is it totally impossible to run? What problems...
  8. OG13

    Arduino based room controller

    OK, I've had several requests on doing an arduino based room controller. I have been playing around for a few months now and have been bench testing one for a while. This tutorial will try to show you how I went about getting it all working. My controller is setup to monitor and log five...
  9. L

    Parts for Ebb & Flo Controller

    Just wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase parts for my Ebb & Flo Controller. I need the clock mechanism that mounts on the front. Mine just went out of warranty and the clock is froze up. I took the clock off and it would be easy to replace, but I can't find any store that will sell me...
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