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  1. L

    Ventilation issues

    So I have a room that is 9ftx3.5ftx6ft , from calculations I've seen you multiple these together and then multiple that answer by 1.2 (20% for carbon slumber loss) which gives me 226cfm, I have a 300 cfm 6" fan, my filter and fan are mounted to ceiling above light together then a 6" duct runs...
  2. thenewgrower

    1st Grow - Soil - Apollo 600W HPS/MH - 4x4 Tent

    hey everyone, this is my first time giving this grow thing a shot. If you see anything out of line please let me know and please give advice I love to hear it :thumb: so I to start off I will list what I am going to be using (still waiting for seeds). -4x4 gorilla grow tent -600w hps/mh...
  3. A


    Hello readers of 420magazine, I am Andy and this is my first post. I am a novice grower, soon to be first time indoor grower. I am completely incognito, baked like a cake, and am no doubt in need of tips from experienced lady makers. My stuff, all brand new in the box ready to go; 1000W...
  4. B

    horizontal or vertical - insight needed!

    Whats up guys, Ive got quite a few grows under my belt and I have put together a new grow cab. Nothing too big - 47"wide x 19" deep x 52" high. Running 400w MH/HPS. here is the dilema: I have a 6in cool tube that I am hoping to use. i am wondering whether I should mount it vertical and go...
  5. D

    Cooling a 400w hps cool tube, the right way

    Watsup 420 members, i have a bit of an issue i just pikked up a 400w cool tube mh/hps ive only grown with cfls so im fairly new to these lighting systems My question is : wat kind of inline duct fan would keep my 400w cool tube from over heating and burning my plants how many cfm's to cool...
  6. C

    Ducting Question for Cool Tube! Help!

    Hi, I have a grow tent which is a 3x3x6.5 model. I've just ordered a 600 watt cool tube and need to get some ducting; challenge is what size to buy. My set up looks like this: Fan — 5" Port holes — 5" Carbon filter — 4" Cool Tube — 6" Three different sizes I know, kind of sucks. I...
  7. G

    Spherical Scrog?

    I am trying to get feed back on a setup that I am thinking of building. I am pretty handy and a full time engineer so I am pretty sure I can build a Spherical like SCROG. I am thinking of running a 1000 watt cool tube vertically in an enclosed box that would be roughly 5 X 5. With a...
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