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    I'm working on a large collection of cannabis inspired art, I hope you enjoy! Cheers :yahoo:
  2. L

    New toker & grower hailing from LV NV!

    Hello, my name is Adam. You can call me Breeze. A little back story on the name, I work with this dude at a restaurant, who is the main cook his name is D. I used to rock a man bun, and D would call me Samurai. I cut my bun off because I was heading into management so i gotta look sharp. I came...
  3. HigherTheHigh

    Help and advice with CO2 please

    Hello all! Im currently running 4x8 tent with 3 600w hps lights, 2 in cool hoods and 1 in cool tube. If i turn the cool tube of my temprature runs steady at around 25c and hm is around 40%. If i run my cool tube aswell as my other 2 cool hoods im hitting 30c and hm is around 35-35%...
  4. bridgeofsighs

    Bud pics

    :cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2: First try at an outdoor grow. I really didn't expect these results, and I figure another three weeks yet. The neat part is, they're turning purple. Really cool looking. Plants are photoperiods called "Kiss" or "Big Northern".
  5. HigherTheHigh

    Need help with a heat question - A machine?

    Hello! This is a question not many people would have probablys not heard before but here it goes. Im running a 4x8 tent in a room with 2 600w hps lights in cool hood reflectors, but ill soon to have another 600w hps light in a cool hood reflector in there, they are on a 6" fan taking the heat...
  6. JustMeds

    Cool Mist Cloner JustMeds

    Hey all, Not sure how this will work out but I have some hope for it. I found this old "Cool Mist Humidifier" at a used store. Time to re-purpose to something that may prove useful. I plan on using it for cloning but am also planning on leaving a plant or 2 in it just to see how they fair. It...
  7. xcalibur25

    Room is overheating - Anyone else using cool tubes

    My room is 10x9.5x9. I am running 4 1000w with cool tubes. i am removing hot air from the lights and also have two 275 cfm bringing in fresh air. problem is my heat issue is at around 90-93 with the lights on and 72-74 with the lights off. what can i do to bring the heat down to manageable...
  8. V

    I grow marijuana - Please guide me how to cool the grow box

    Hi! Please send me the link products like cooling fans in the video, I live in Vietnam, I needed it to cool in the grow box. Cooling fans about how much money? if more than $100 I would not buy it. !!! Help me... Thanks all !!!

    Where to put the inline fan?

    Yo whats up everyone...Im here in brasil (rio) and im seting up a 4000 watt cool tube- ebb and flow...thing is I can only find these 200 cfm inline fans...the question is should i mount the fan to the wall? Or mount the fan directly on to the cool tube? OR Is it best to have the fan like half...
  10. S

    Electronic ballast and cool tube connection

    Hello.In order to connect ballast and cool tube i cut the cables because they had different types of plugs.Now I have 6 cable tip.They have different colors . Here are the pictures. Need help to wire because their colors are different.Thank you
  11. A

    Tent Cooling

    So I have an issue as I need to cool the area but cant vent outside. I'm using 2x600w HPS lights with 2x 20l buckets, in a space of 3mx2mx2m (LxBxH) with a extract fan 6inch extract 720CFM with 2 addition fans inside the tent. I'm using DWC and to help cool the water I have put some (20kg) solid...
  12. K

    Cool tube or fan?

    My growbox is 80x80x160 cm. I have 250W HPS and 200m3/h extract fan. If I have light 25-30cm from plants, temp is around 29-31°C which is too much. So I must have light at around 45cm from plants, which give me 27-28°C, but I lost some lumens. So my question is: which is better - to buy cool...
  13. TheFertilizer

    Fertilizer shelf life and how to tell if it's bad

    I bought some Flora Nova Bloom last year, just a pint, and when I mixed some up I noticed there were some flaky looking things I down at the bottom. Almost looked like flakes of skin or fish scales or something. It didn't smell bad though and I just figured I didn't shake it up enough. It also...
  14. M

    Thanks for the cool site

    hello and ty for this site.
  15. G

    Cool tube?

    Help Hey guys I gotta question. I have a 400w hps/mhl light an reflector on a ballast. The room gets pretty warm. I was wondering if u can buy or make a are cool tube or a way to cool down my room 10° or a lil more.. I don't wanna put a air conditioner in my small room cause they are needed...
  16. G

    Macro shots of bud

    7sensors just produced some fantastic Blue Dream Haze utilizing our prototype fully automated soil-based grow box and we took a pretty cool picture of one of the buds under a microscope. Does anyone else have some other cool macro-shots of bud they are down to share?
  17. D

    Keeping your DWC system cool

    Hello. If you have a coiled cooler, do you only have to place one in the Reservoir to keep your system cool? I
  18. H

    Cool white and warm white!

    Hi guys, Thanks for reading this! So I have made this structure with pvc pipes (picture added), and I'm gonna hang 4 bulbs from each corner, right above each pot. I'm gonna be using autoflowering seeds, so I just wanna know, is it cool if I first use 4 cool white bulbs for the initial...
  19. ThcSnow

    Ever Wonder What Those Spots That Indicate Spider Mites Are?

    I mean we all obviously all know what it is my poor black jack got attacked! I had to take a pic of it though! 100x magnification!! Those are some pretty precise bite marks!! I sprayed with sm-90 and they were dead before I even got my microscope out!!!
  20. AlexandraCake

    I have arrived ;)

    um this is awesome. I have always wanted to be a part of a site like this. yes please. maybe because since i have become a um, user...lawl i have been immensely happier and made the chillest friends - and i look forward to making new ones! :peace:
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