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  1. S

    Thermoelectric Water Cooler

    Hi guys! For my first grow, I experienced some root issues and I believe part of the reason was my reservior temperature going over 20C. After seeing the price tags on the professional water cooler units of $750+, I wanted to see if I could hack together my own solution. There was two...
  2. M

    MReilly 1st DWC Big Bomb GJ, 2017

    Setup: Grow Space: Old Cabinet In basement: -H- 59in, W- 28in, D- 22in -Inside painted flat Ultra White -cut hole in back for 4in inline fan and power cords Grow Type: DWC: -48qt Rubbermaid cooler -Removed cooler lid, created netpot lid by taking hard 2in house...
  3. M

    CMH vs MH temps?

    Hello everyone . I have a 315w cmh . The guy at the grow shop said it would be a lot cooler than MH . Was he just selling? Anyone use ceramic metal halide and can comment ?
  4. LEDBud

    Fan over resivior surface = Swamp cooler for 10*f temperature drop

    A easy way to control tank temperature I came across a article that mentioned the following : Swamp cooler , Blow a fan directly across the surface of the reservoir for excellent evaporative cooling. This method works well (expect a 10F drop in res. temp), but humidity and tds will increase...
  5. C

    Skunk #1 - 90 Watt LED Grow

    the next grow for medicinal use :volcano-smiley: equipment: - seed: skunk #1 (35% Sativa / 65% Indica) sensiseeds white label - 90 watt led (metered 60 watt, red-blue-orange = 35-5-5) ... 30cm lightdistance moving with the plant - homebox 160x80x80 - soil: canna bio terra plus - nutes: will...
  6. CanuckGal

    DIY Swamp Bucket Cooler

    My closet grow was having some heat problems with the 400w HPS as light. So to cool the small space down, I built a swamp bucket! Here's how I made it: Materials Large drink cooler$20 Household fan $10 Fountain/aquarium pump (mine was 135gph) $30 Copper piping $10 Plastic tubing $3 Plumbers...
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