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  1. T

    Air cooling

    So guys n girls I'm having a tad of an issue for a couple hours of each day but I think it's going to progress as the summer perks up!! Basically I recently swapped my times over from lights on at 6am till 12am to lights on at 6pm thru to 12 in the afternoon (18hrs on 6 hrs off) to cut out the...
  2. S

    An affordable solution for keeping your nutes cool

    Hey guys, I bought this off AliExpress to use for cooling down the nutes and it works remarkably well so I thought I'd share it with you guys: I tested it, the unit draws about 95watts when it's cooling and close to zero when idle. It runs on a single peltier cooling chip, so besides the...
  3. S

    Cheap! Water Cooled - 10 x COB LEDs - 1 x Pump - 1 x Fan - Spinning plants

    I`ve been trying to come up with a cheap but feasible system for my flower room using the cheap chinese LED`s. I have designed this cooling system which does away with a load of noisy fans by using a single submersible pump which pushes the water through the cooling tubes and then drips it...
  4. V

    I grow marijuana - Please guide me how to cool the grow box

    Hi! Please send me the link products like cooling fans in the video, I live in Vietnam, I needed it to cool in the grow box. Cooling fans about how much money? if more than $100 I would not buy it. !!! Help me... Thanks all !!!
  5. Grow17

    LED Light Burn

    My plant tops are 19" from my 600 watt LED. This is the 2nd grow that it's happened with. I can possibly move the light up another inch, but not sure that's going to help. The only other thing that I'm not sure could be a factor is that my cooling system has been wacky and I've caught the light...
  6. M

    Ducting for Indoor Central AC Help!

    Ok so again I am a brand new member to 420 and a First time grower. I'm learning so much and i am absolutely in love with the entire processes that I'm going through on this grow journey. SO I live in a 2 bedroom duplex that had a back patio, but this was closed in and made into a 3rd room. It...
  7. N

    Grow in big cellar

    Hello, i have opinion to use old cellar to grow room. Its a perfect place to grow. Here is water, 240V (here its 25A, but i can remake distribution) and tunel to out space (it can be used for ventilation). dimesnsion of this room its +- 6*5m or 5*5m (i will be know exact dimmensions soon)...
  8. M

    Room temp problems

    alright ya'll need ta pick yer brains.... my first grow I ran one 1000w hps and with ventilation room ran 80-85 degrees. (perfect) this time I am running two 1000w (mh for veg) and it ran temps up to 95... I upgraded air flow in-out and added 2 fans just too move air around. still...
  9. raphie6

    DWC with a freezer to cool reservoir

    I'm planning to grow indoors in a DWC setup but my room temps are around 95-105 Farenheit, i've being thinking about ways to cool down my water temps, and being wondering if buying a small freezer that sells for around 90 bucks and drilling two holes, and start circulating water between the...
  10. T

    New grow room setup

    Hey guys, I am doing a grow right now and I am having to use two pretty needed arts of my house, which is causing some issues when visitors come. I didn't think I had an option until I discovered a hidden space in the house, but it stays very warm, it is similar to an attic. My plan is to build...
  11. C

    Converting a heating thermostat to a cooling

    Hey everyone! I bought a Honeywell 'baseboard heater thermostat' so activate the fans in my grow cab. Buuut then I realized that this thermostat only engages when temperatures 'drop' below a certain point. Any creative folks out there know how to use this thermostat to work my fans? Somehow...
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