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    My soil after a sprinkling of Kashi.... little tub is EWC. Definitely alive. I use this soil for transplanting seedlings and amending flower pots.
  2. H

    PH question - Tap water is 8.9 - Clackimus Coots Organic Soil

    Hello everyone, I had a quick question and I was hoping to get some help from some experienced individuals. I was told with my soil I don't need to keep adjusting my PH. (Clackimus Coots Organic Soil but with added dolomite lime) I was adjusting it down with Lemon juice to 6.5 but I...
  3. bobrown14

    Cottage 420's Organic Perpetual Indoor Garden

    Ok kids this is my 2015 grow #1. This run we started from seeds. We are growing all organic so I thought that it would be time to support our organic seed producers so we went with a pack of 10 regular Krystalica seeds from Mandala and I threw in a few freebies with the Sleestack + Skunk #1...
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