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    What makes the best cannibis oil for copd

    can anyone tell me the ratio of thc to cbd when making your own cannabis ,which kind of each would you use. I have end stage copd, I'm new to this so could use all the info I can get. I live in Washington State, so we have pot shops on ever corner.
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    New Member here in Canada

    Hi, I'm Cheleanne. I'm new to this forum and have been wondering about cannabis and COPD. Actually, COPD is a blanket term for several type of lung diseases. But no matter - I have asthma and I watched Rick Simpsons video and it says it treats/cures asthma. Does anyone have any...
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    Complete newbie - Need help with COPD and oil

    My mum has stage 2 COPD and it has stopped her in her tracks.. we are very open to trying the oil, but don't know where to start. We live in BC Canada, I believe it is legal here, and I possibly know some avenues to get some. But where do I start, how much dosage, what kind.. I have read some...
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    Best CBD for COPD and dosage

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    I am new at this, so I will be reading and watching mostly. I have COPD and have read cannabis oil may be of some help. I and not get it legally here in New Mexico as they will not give me a medical card for it. Anyone having COPD and using it I would be liking to hear from you. :thanks:
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    COPD strain recommendations

    I'm in need of some info. End stage COPD, pneumonia, infection. 1) strain? 2)dosage? 3)equipment needed? Also need a guide on how to make the oil. I have seen some older posts on the subject but looking for any improvement. Ty
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    Cannabis oil heals COPD

    Source: Cannabis oil from marijuana is having success treating COPD - Source: Checotah Man Credits Cannabis Oil For Improved Health - - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - |
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    Scared of getting COPD or Cancer from MJ - Will edibles or pills have lon

    Scared of getting COPD or Cancer from MJ - Will edibles or pills have long term affect on organs? I want to know if there is any long term damage to organs if I consume MJ via food, caps/pills, tincture, etc..Will it affect pancrease or liver like a pharmaceutical pill would? I'm a 30...
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