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  1. T

    Experimental corn cob grow

    Hello everyone. This is my first post so go easy on me. For a while i have heard about thi kind of lightong vs that kind of lighting. In all time I have looked around never have I run across any kind of comment about corn bulbs so i have decided to break the ice on this grow. I'm using two 250...
  2. dieselskunk

    How to dose the 1st time?

    I was thinking of making butter with my leaf when I do my 1st harvest. The butter sounds easy enough but how do I know how much to eat? Can I use a slice of butter on some corn and be ok? To many stories of people getting sick off of it.
  3. K

    How To Make Lobster Corn Chowder Even Better (Hint: Add Cannabis)

    Nothing rounds out a delicious meal plan like a decadent soup, especially when its warm healing power can be felt with every spoonful. A slow-simmering pot, melding the flavors and properties nature has so graciously provided, filling the air with the aroma of home...that's what soup brings to...
  4. L

    I have a question

    Hi Guys , I'm a complete newbie here. Getting ready for legalization in Canada. Haven't burnt anything since I was a kid and then hardly anything worth talking about. I'm looking for a place to do a commando plant. Is a corn field suitable? I was thinking tall and green. Learning lots just...
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