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  1. GodOfPot

    Suppliers & Retailers

    Good day gents and ladies. New grower here hoping to find some info or compile a list of suppliers/retailers for products in Canada. I find that as I learn more and more, and get advised about more and more products, more so specifically on some of these "higher" tier organic products, it's...
  2. Ron Strider

    Canada: Mayors Press Trudeau Liberals For Help To Handle Legalized Marijuana

    The mayors of Canada's biggest cities say they need a slice of the tax windfall from legal marijuana to cover what they describe as significant costs associated with enforcing a signature initiative from the federal Liberals. They raised their concerns with cabinet ministers this week...
  3. Ron Strider

    Canada: Provinces See Efforts, Costs Of Ending Prohibition Through Different Lenses

    Provinces have been protesting the large volume of work and heavy costs they say the Trudeau government has piled on them in its rush to legalize recreational cannabis across Canada by next year. So far, however, the small province of New Brunswick has been taking the high road. Unlike...
  4. Ron Strider

    High Employees Mean Higher Costs When Marijuana Legalized, Oil And Gas CEOs Warn

    Calgary: Oilpatch CEOs fear their costs will rise when the federal government passes recently introduced legislation to legalize recreational marijuana. The issue of drug use is closely watched in the industry, where workers tend to be young and hazards include long commutes to and from remote...
  5. O

    Need Bitcoin users advice

    It keeps getting harder to pay for seeds and every time I go to purchase bitcoins the process stalls when I needs to fund the account or pay for bitcoin. I'd like to use my us visa debit card. The amount to buy is confusing as can be. If the product costs say $50.00 whats a reasonable price to...
  6. K

    Minnesota's Medical Marijuana Program Needs More Money

    Minnesota's medical marijuana program needs extra state funding to cover the costs of its patient database and inspections of drug manufacturers, just a few of the regulations that make it one of the most restrictive such laws in the country. It's the latest reminder of the financial...
  7. dailydose

    Illinois dispensaries

    Illinois law pretty much created monopolies for dispensaries for us downstaters - I'm in Peoria. So I've been scouting the ones closest to me. For me, it all boils down to strains and cost. So far, I've visited Peoria, Canton, Milan, Ottawa and Springfield. Springfield wouldn't give any info...
  8. R

    Ohio: Advocates Urge Lawmakers To Allow For Home-Growing To Keep Costs Down

    On Tuesday, medical marijuana advocates requested lawmakers to permit home-growing for keeping the costs down and to offer a bridge for patients in nearly two-year-long time span between the passage of a law and the first lawful sale at a dispensary. With House Bill 523, there would be a...
  9. E

    Marijuana prices

    So I was having one of those moments today where you're like "hey I'm bored so I should think about everything and anything" so I started thinking about how much weed costs around the country. Here in Richmond VA it costs $15 minimum and up to $20 for good weed. In Troy new York though, my...
  10. B

    Price of weed in Belgium and Netherlands

    In Brussels, a king size joint's worth of weed costs around €20. Is it cheaper in the Rotterdam coffeeshops? A round trip by train from Brussels to Rotterdam costs about €40 - is it worth travelling to Rotterdam to get cheaper weed?