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    Cotton candy Delicious seeds
  2. S

    Spara's 1st Grow - DWC - Bubbler - LED - Cotton Candy/Strawberry Cough/Early Vixen

    So here goes folks, creating my first grow journal. First off, let me say, I have grown tomatoes, peas, strawberries, and even corn on my deck. That being said, this is my first real cannabis grow with the exception of putting a few seeds out in the bushes and seeing little return. Obviously...
  3. G

    Lemon Kush Headband?

    In fairly new here and was just wondering if anyone has grown out any lemon kush headband. I have a delicious cotton candy and Humboldt lemon kush headband a couple weeks into veg. But was wondering if it's a heavy feeder or light and does it respond well to topping? Thanks for any help
  4. Cannabelle

    Delicious Cotton Candy Strain Review

    Strain Name - Delicious Cotton Candy, Delicious Seeds, Feminized (also known as: Cotton Candy Kush) From - Home grown from Herbie's Seeds @ ! Delicious Cotton Candy Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds When - Harvest 3-10-15 Cure Time - 2+ months for the best smell and taste. Otherwise, the...
  5. Odin

    California Cotton Candy

    This is a Cotton Candy I grew last year from seed. California outdoor. Managed to pull 4 ounces off of one plant that was only about 4 feet tall with only 5 hours sunlight. Pretty happy with my results. Can only imagine if I had the sunlight to grow a 14 footer.... :smokin: Couple weeks after...
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