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  1. C

    Cotton Candy Cain issue? Please identify

    I have 4 cotton candy cain plants in my Wilma with a couple of other strains (bad I know) they went on flowering on the 1st of December since then I have quite heavily pruned them twice because they were growing so many leaves no light was getting past the canopy's, over the last few days around...
  2. Ron Strider

    Could Hemp Fashion Be the Key To Fixing India's Cotton Economy

    India is the world's second largest exporter of cotton, but there are some big challenges: Modern conventional cotton cultivation relies on pesticides and herbicides which are improperly, excessively, and dangerously applied in underdeveloped countries, and might have contributed to the...
  3. Q

    Do these look good!

    Do these look right 2 weeks into flowering out doors . Cotton Candy Kush from Canada
  4. Q

    Cotton Candy Kush

    This is my first attempt at growing 2 weeks flowering stage. How does it look
  5. Ron Strider

    Patagonia's New Workwear Is Tough As Nails - And Made From Hemp

    When Patagonia set out to create a new line of workwear, it didn't fall back on convention. Instead, the Ventura, California-based company decided to try something a little different, swapping out the standard cotton duck canvas so popular in the workwear space for a new material made from...
  6. Love1Fear

    How to KILL MOLD on roots

    I have 6 plants started from seed on fathers day (june 20th i believe). The res temp was in the 80-82 temp since day 1, and today i noticed curling leafs and yellowing to drying out crunchy leafs (i was baffled for a week on it). I now see the white mold on the roots that are exposed to res...
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