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  1. Jack420

    First hydro grow - Not too bad I think

    My 1st grow i have sour d straberry cough gorilla glue n reg bag seed witch it my tallest but had pest prob
  2. Obi Wan

    Ever cough so hard you nearly faint?

    It has happened to me a few times over the last few years. Medically it's referred to as Cough Syncope. When it happened to me I could sense I was running out of oxygen. After some research I found out I was however it was not in the way I thought. The syncope, or faint, was caused by a drop...
  3. C

    Loving Nirvana's Raspberry Cough

    nirvana raspberry cough is becoming a favorite strain she grows beautifully under led just the perfect amount of stretch has a nice earthy taste with hints of berry and is a great med for relaxing and curbing anxiety problems yet uplifting and happy
  4. T

    Themode: T5 Lights, Raspberry Cough SCROG

    Returning back for a new grow journal with a new name because my old account got locked out. Soil- Happy Frog Pot size- 15 Gal Strain - Raspberry Cough Breeder- Nirvana Lights- 2x2 8' bulb T5 Tent- 2.75x2.75x7 Trying to hit 500g in this one plant. Lets see how it goes!
  5. S

    Salchipapa27's Rasberry Cough: First Attempt At SCROG

    HELLO WORLD! I am trying my best to make a comeback after a backfire of a grow. I plan to approach this grow with much calculation and require the most support I can from anyone who can chime in! I am attempted a SCROG method grow and before getting started i'd like some tips on a specific...
  6. J

    It was supposed to be a strawberry cough plant?

    Hello everyone. First time post. I will not waste your time, I need to know what strain I just grew? I got the seeds from a mate, he said they were strawberry cough, I was pretty sceptical but being desperate I did what I could with what I had. Has anyone grown something like this or similar...
  7. B

    New Member Review

    Raspberry cough strawberry cheese cake
  8. S

    How's my girl looking?

    Hey guys, I've posted once before, but to make sure I follow the rules here are the specs of my grow! Strains: Strawberry Cough and Blueberry BC # of Plants: 2 Grow type: Soil Grow Stage: Vegetative Bucket Size: 5 Gallon Light: (1) 400 Watt HPS Nutrients: Fox Farms Big Bloom, Tiger...
  9. Sir Budlovski

    Strawberry Cough

    Hello there fellow 420ers :) Sir bud here with my 3rd strain review, lets get started shall we. Strain Name - Strawberry Cough From - Dutch Passion When - well I gave SC a 11.5 week vege due to some issues and even then I cut the vege shorter then I would of liked, her flowering took...
  10. Lord Indica

    Cannabis and the flu

    Indica dominant strains like God Bud or Afgooey are amazing at taking away flu symptoms! I consume it after heating it to 190º on the stove top. It works fantastic! Heat it for 10-15 min let it cool and enjoy. I was so sick I couldn't smoke and when I did this, it was a miracle. Sativa dominant...
  11. R

    QUESTION? About ... eyes

    Does pot consumption cause red eyes? Does it vary from person to person? Is coughing the main factor in getting red eyes? What if I vaporized, w/out coughing, would that give me less chances at getting red eyes?
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