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  1. Gypsy58

    SCG Indoor Tent Grow 5/14/21

    Here we go with the second grow. May 12th I dropped two seeds of Strawberry Cough into water. May 13th pull the seeds from the water and put them between a dam paper towel put them in the oven (dark, warm place). Check the seeds today and they've already popped roots. We'll leave it in there for...
  2. Jack420

    First hydro grow - Not too bad I think

    My 1st grow i have sour d straberry cough gorilla glue n reg bag seed witch it my tallest but had pest prob
  3. Obi Wan

    Ever cough so hard you nearly faint?

    It has happened to me a few times over the last few years. Medically it's referred to as Cough Syncope. When it happened to me I could sense I was running out of oxygen. After some research I found out I was however it was not in the way I thought. The syncope, or faint, was caused by a drop...
  4. C

    Loving Nirvana's Raspberry Cough

    nirvana raspberry cough is becoming a favorite strain she grows beautifully under led just the perfect amount of stretch has a nice earthy taste with hints of berry and is a great med for relaxing and curbing anxiety problems yet uplifting and happy
  5. T

    Themode: T5 Lights, Raspberry Cough SCROG

    Returning back for a new grow journal with a new name because my old account got locked out. Soil- Happy Frog Pot size- 15 Gal Strain - Raspberry Cough Breeder- Nirvana Lights- 2x2 8' bulb T5 Tent- 2.75x2.75x7 Trying to hit 500g in this one plant. Lets see how it goes!
  6. S

    Salchipapa27's Rasberry Cough: First Attempt At SCROG

    HELLO WORLD! I am trying my best to make a comeback after a backfire of a grow. I plan to approach this grow with much calculation and require the most support I can from anyone who can chime in! I am attempted a SCROG method grow and before getting started i'd like some tips on a specific...
  7. J

    It was supposed to be a strawberry cough plant?

    Hello everyone. First time post. I will not waste your time, I need to know what strain I just grew? I got the seeds from a mate, he said they were strawberry cough, I was pretty sceptical but being desperate I did what I could with what I had. Has anyone grown something like this or similar...
  8. B

    New Member Review

    Raspberry cough strawberry cheese cake
  9. S

    How's my girl looking?

    Hey guys, I've posted once before, but to make sure I follow the rules here are the specs of my grow! Strains: Strawberry Cough and Blueberry BC # of Plants: 2 Grow type: Soil Grow Stage: Vegetative Bucket Size: 5 Gallon Light: (1) 400 Watt HPS Nutrients: Fox Farms Big Bloom, Tiger...
  10. Sir Budlovski

    Strawberry Cough

    Hello there fellow 420ers :) Sir bud here with my 3rd strain review, lets get started shall we. Strain Name - Strawberry Cough From - Dutch Passion When - well I gave SC a 11.5 week vege due to some issues and even then I cut the vege shorter then I would of liked, her flowering took...
  11. Lord Indica

    Cannabis and the flu

    Indica dominant strains like God Bud or Afgooey are amazing at taking away flu symptoms! I consume it after heating it to 190º on the stove top. It works fantastic! Heat it for 10-15 min let it cool and enjoy. I was so sick I couldn't smoke and when I did this, it was a miracle. Sativa dominant...
  12. R

    QUESTION? About ... eyes

    Does pot consumption cause red eyes? Does it vary from person to person? Is coughing the main factor in getting red eyes? What if I vaporized, w/out coughing, would that give me less chances at getting red eyes?
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