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  1. N

    LED coverage vs actual watts

    Hello fellas,i have a question about led lights. On the internet i find different suggestion and can't decide so im here :). My grow box is 4*4*6,5 with 6 plants. Im moving from hps to led (heat problems). Some web pages tell that for a 4*4 i need at last 512W of actual led wattage... Other...
  2. Ron Strider

    Canada: Medical-Marijuana Grower Funds Legal Fight For Insurance Coverage

    One of Canada's largest medical-cannabis producers says it will fund a Nova Scotia man's ongoing legal fight to have his marijuana prescription paid for by his employee-insurance plan — the latest move in a nationwide push by industry, patients and their advocates for more widespread cannabis...
  3. C

    Would this be too much LED light for a 4x2x5 tent?

    I currently have 2 Mars Hydro96 LEDs in a 4x2x5 tent going lengthwise across the tent. I am thinking of adding a 3rd and turning the lights for better coverage, but is this too much wattage for this size tent? I want to maximize yields without overkill. Thanks
  4. V

    Grow light comparison

    Hey guy! So I'm having a hard time choosing my grow lights. I have narrowed it down to Mars Hydro 600's but I would like some others to consider since it's hard finding good quality LED lighting. Considering my grow space and preference I want to stick to LED's. 4x Mars Hydro 600 -272W±5%...