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  1. wildride

    14 Different Strains Grow

    Hey, Just cracked my seeds for my Strain Test run. Gonna run off 14 Different strains at once, popped em in my water ( seperate glass of water for each seed ) 24 hours ago had 1 crack at 13 hrs, 1 at 14 and 1 at 15 roughly. 1: Blueberry from Canuk Seeds. ****** cracked and root at 13 hours...
  2. cbgb

    Drying & curing

    hey 420 peeps , quick question ..... i harvested my chem dog #4 and let them dry until the small stem attached to each bud cracked (not bent) cracked .....today they went straight into mason jars for cure and burp. i went to burp the jars today and noticed that some moisture had returned to...
  3. D

    Cracked seeds but tap root is not growing

    Hey guys, I've been having this problem and don't know if its because I'm doing something wrong or seeds I bought are bad. I bought 3 White beery and 3 chocolate haze seeds online and used 4 of them already with no success. First I tried to germinate 1 seed between wet paper towels(6.5ph...
  4. LilyDanktree

    Lilly's Sin City's White Nightmare - Pro Mix - 2016 Winter Grow

    White nightmare newborns. One week since I cracked 2 regs from Sin city.