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  1. K

    Cannabis cream from stems and roots

    Hi new to this so if I posted in wrong place please move or delete. I want to make a muscle cream iv done it before useing cannabis coconut oil made with flower. But u want to try a mix of stems that I have grinded to not a powder but close and roots I want to get all the goodness out of the...
  2. Heraldo

    Heraldo's Auto Mango Cream Microgrow

    Not much to report at the moment. I'm growing 1 mango cream autoflower in soil with CFLs. I'll be feeding BAC organic nutrients. She just broke soil. Nothing pic worthy for now.
  3. Habitual

    Canna Coffee Creamer Medible

    So High I'm new here, I probably wont be doing a grow journal but I want to thank the community for all the great Info. :thanks: My way is simple and fast I dont have time to spend on butter so this is my goto "Medible" I decarb one Oz 62%rh of ground bud at a time to have ready, stored in a...
  4. HemiSync

    HemiSync's Soil & LED - Cream of the Crop - Crop Circle Auto

    What strain is it? Cream of the Crop's "Crop Circle Auto" Breeder Info: Crop Circle is a combination of colour and flavour not of this world. A compact and powerful, visually mesmerising, auto hybrid- displaying immense clusters of amber trichomes that twinkle against a backdrop of purple...
  5. K

    Marijuana Should Be Decriminalised, Says 'M Cream' Director

    Mumbai: His upcoming movie "M Cream" is touted as India's first 'stoner film' and director Agneya Singh says it is about time the Government decriminalises marijuana. Singh, making his feature film debut with the movie, says even the US - which once opposed legalising cannabis - is today...
  6. ShivaShakti

    Outdoor Balcony - 3 x Stress Killer - 1 x Bluematic - 1 x Honey Cream Fast Version

    Hi guys, this year I will try again to grow my own cannabis. This time the seeds are again from Royal Queen Seeds. 4x Autoflowering (3x Stress Killer, 1x Bluematic) 1x feminized (Honey Cream fast Version. its a new name for a old strain the old name was Royal Caramel aka Cream Caramel) This...
  7. schomegrown

    Hello all back with new account

    Hello 420 family, Very glad to be back. Looking forward to getting a lot more great advice and helping as much as possible. Finally made my first seed order from Herbie's Head Shop. I ordered 1 Incredible Bulk feminized and 1 Cream of the Cash Crop Auto. Can't wait to get them, so be on the...
  8. R

    Pot-Flavored Ice Cream Is Becoming A Thing

    Italians have high hopes for this new ice cream. An ice cream shop in Alassio will soon offer a marijuana-flavored dessert made from peeled hemp seeds to raise awareness about the health benefits of wacky tobacky, Intelligonews.it reported. Called "Bob Marley," the ice cream's slogan is...