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    My little family..
  2. KingJoe83

    King's Indoor Mars Hydro TSL2000 LED Cree Pink Kush, Blueberry, Bruce Banger Fems Coco

    Well this run I will be trying advanced nutrients pH perfect trio with GH cal mag 1-0-0 vodoo juice and enzyme cleaner time to time. Ph down ph pen ppm meter and tap water. I will be aiming for 4 -3 gal pots fabric with two one gal pots. Tent is vivosun 3x3x6 with a 12 inch oscillating fan...
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    Just waiting for @SeedsMan order to arrive to drop some of that Alaskan purple yummyness.
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    Coco rinsed will add some mycros before transplanting still have to rinse rapid rooters and going to ore charge medium before I plant. Nice coco to work with.
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    Bomb seed tent doing well again No pest to report going to flip any day just need to pull the trigger
  6. TurboBucket

    MaxBloom X4 Plus Cree Edition: Initial Review

    Hey folks here's my initial thoughts and opinions on my new MaxBloom X4 plus Cree edition. I've owned a few different cheaper LEDs and currently use a QB type setup but I wanted more control over my spectrum than either of these options offered. I'm very happy to have won the opportunity to give...
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    Two switches to control veg and bloom spectrum
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    Beautiful light seems like good quality and durability. I give it a 8.5/10 for looks
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    Love how this package included everything I need to be ready to use .
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    UFO 120 by unit farm again I will be explaining in a video my view and understanding as well as perspective of light for buck. Coverage efficiency even par even lux . Efficiency and of course ease of use whieght etc.
  11. Best Of Both Worlds- Kind LED and Optic LED

    Best Of Both Worlds- Kind LED and Optic LED

  12. M

    Opinion On This Light

    They are not a sponsor here, so I cannot link to their web page. I'm looking at this light for my 2.3x2.3x5 grow tent. What are your thoughts on this light? Cobs to close together? Too much light for my space? Draws 275+ Watts from the wall Dimmable From Outside Enclosure Approx...
  13. RheinRover

    RR's Winter Grow - Krishna Kush - Black Kush 98 - OGK

    So after a long break of not having my own journal I think its time to fire one up. Doing things a little different around here this time and will be trying my luck with photoperiod seeds. Due to my small grow space AutoFlower is my usual go to but I think with a quick veg time I can keep these...
  14. N

    8 or 16 COBs LED enough for 8x4 tent?

    Hey 420Magazine Users, I'm seeking for an answer from some experienced mates with COB LED Growlights. The thing is I'm going to grow in a 8 x 4 Tent (240cm X 120cm) and I'm not quite sure if my selfmade COB LED setup would be enough for this perticular space. Are 8 "CXB3070" at 1400 mA...
  15. 420Actual

    Cree Cob Color Temperature Assistance

    Hello, This is my first time posting, so I first wanted to say thank you for having a great place to ask questions and read information. Secondly I want to add that I most certainly searched the forums before asking my question. Although there are some threads with pertaining info, my...
  16. O

    Epistar 320 vs Cree 256

    Which would be more suitable for a 5x5 tent? Would 4x400w mars hydro be a better option?
  17. TimberGrowLights

    Vero & Citizen Kits & Framework From Timber Grow Lights

    Hello 420Magazine, Thank you for your support - we do appreciate it. I wanted to let you know about some exciting new products available now at Timber Grow Lights. We recently launched a new line called Framework - it takes our kits and mounts them on a ready to hang platform - no...
  18. josh223

    Mars Hydro for a 4'x4' perpetual tent

    I've got almost 4 years of successful indoor under my belt. For flowering I've been using a rather inexpensive air cooled 600 watt digital ballast with the best bulbs on the market. I can't say that I haven't been successful. Growing perpetually I can regularly pull a pound of dried...
  19. LiftedMind

    Cree 3590 - Should I grow in soil or hydro?

    I'm new to indoor growing. I've grown before but still not a pro. I was wondering which setup is best to get the most out of my lights. Soil or Hydro? Tent Size: 3x3x6 Lights: 4x Cree 3590 (Don't know which specific driver. It's a MeanWell HLG series. It wasn't built by me. 225watts advertised.)
  20. A

    Strange looking leaves on Super Skunk - DIY Cree LED Grow

    Hi everybody i've assembled a cree cbx 3070 and i'm vegging a SS. I'll add another cree led on flowering stage. I've some problems with some leaf can u give me some advice? :Namaste: Seed: Sensi Seeds Super Skunk Soil: Bio Bizz Light Mix Humidifier: Pro Mist 4 Box: 50 x 100 x 150 Nutes...
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