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crimea blue

  1. Teleon

    New First Grow: Crimea Blue, Soil, Organic, With Selfmade LED Light

    Hey :welcome: Here is my first grow and my first report, I hope u will enjoy! :yahoo: I wanted to do this since years, but never had enough time to do it - now I have the time and I'm very excited to see them grow. And if u will notice, I'm no native english speaking person - so forgive me...
  2. B

    Blitzman734's Capnish Style Blue Dream & Crimea Blue First Grow - 2016

    Hello Everyone, This is my first grow and grow journal so hopefully you'll be understanding if im not some elite grower immediately but after a couple months of research and reading particularly of the capn style method I decided to pull the trigger and give it a shot. I understand my method...