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critical +

  1. IMG-20181016-WA0007.jpg


    Critical + new beginings
  2. IMG-20181016-WA0008.jpg


    Critical +
  3. 20180712_094912.jpg


    Dinafem Critical + mother plant
  4. 20180712_094905.jpg


    Dinafem Critical + mother plant
  5. 20180707_153026.jpg


    DIY BUBBLE CLONER - Dinafem Critical +
  6. 20180614_091952.jpg


    Day 25
  7. C

    What I currently have cooking

    Few pictures for my first post :) My next harvest will be my 4th, so I am still making a few mistakes, but this is what I have cooking at the moment :) Critical + Photo (Free seed with previous order), having the same nute problems I did on my previous Northern Lights auto, I think it's poor...
  8. J

    Autoflower Outdoor Arizona Grow

    Whats up guys this is my first grow ever and first time using a forum so bear with me haha. I've been reading lots of grow journals but never found an outdoor grow in desert conditions with an Auto so I figured I could do one. I'm trying to keep things simple, since it is an auto I'm not using...
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