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critical auto

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    Second Grow Critical Autoflower

    So she survived the heat wave so here are the specs: What Critical Autoflower by Nirvana Seeds Pot/Media 5 gal smart pot layered with sensi soil and a 50/50 coco coir perlite mix I started this one by watering in the mixes I made after layering them in I sowed the seed about 1/4 of inch...
  2. 4

    1st Grow Nirvana Critical Auto

    So i started this grow in may under a 90w led bar light and a 135w ufo led light. This is the second seed I germinated the first didnt pop but once the second popped I put her in a homemade aero pot that i made by drilling abunch of holes in a 5 gallon bucket for airflow then mixed 50% coco with...
  3. S

    5 Strain Auto Grow

    Hello Following on from my first grow of 2 blue treacle auto in a cupboard with cfl, results were not great, about 1 and half oz from the pair. I am upgrading my kit and moving to the attic. I have 1 seed of blue treacle auto, 1 bubble kush auto and 2 critical auto. I have ordered a 120cm...
  4. vfbelfort

    Just wanted to know how my first time is going - Critical x Low Ryder Auto

    Hey, just wanted to know how im doing so far, ive got 2 plants (auto criticalxlowryder), they are in the fourth week of flowering, did de veg outdoors, and now are indoors under a 250w HPS lamp, in a 18x8 light regime. The nute im using is PLANGROW, sea weed bloom (1/4 of regular dose)...
  5. FiveToMidnight

    Five's Round 4 Second Auto Attempt - Critical Auto - Coco & Perlite - CFL & LED

    Hey again guys! Having another go at some Autoflowering strains as I really enjoyed growing these last time. Details: What strain is it? 1x Critical Auto + 1x Bubble Kush Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Both Hybrid Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seedling Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil...