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critical hog

  1. GIjose

    Giixer Growlight Review Rare Darkness OG, Ghost Train Haze #1, Critical Hog

    Hello everyone! This is my second active grow Journal. Special thanks to @Giixer for allowing me the opportunity to evaluate their @Giixer 1000 watt full spectrum LED grow light. I grow meds for my son and myself, and on a tight budget. I can't wait to get started once my lights come in Beans...
  2. Marzbadrock

    A Few New Ladies

    Decided to try some new strains, I ordered from attitude and my order got seized by customs, they promptly reshipped and I received my second order in under two weeks. The first seeds I cracked were Critical hog Green crack....let's call it green monster Pineapple chunk Sage n sour
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