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  1. Norris flake

    Norris Flake's Grow Journal, Critical Kush 20% Sativa 80% Indica

    Hi everyone. This is the only forum I've ever joined, on the internet perioid. Can't really get enough advice when it comes to caring for a plant of this importance and use, so thought I'd be safe and pick the minds of the "been there done that" community. So... I've planted a single critical...
  2. Norris flake

    Is my seedling looking healthy?

    Hi, I've just sprouted my first ever seedling. It's a critical kush seed I got from Barcelona. It sprouted straight in it's final growing medium and is 3 days old now. I've grown from cuttings before but never from seeds. I was just wondering if any experienced growers could comment on how it's...
  3. FsHempire

    Critical Kush Indoor

    Coco coir. 1200w HPS LED Combo.
  4. H

    30% Off Everything This Weekend At Herbies

    Herbies Updates 9th March 2018 To celebrate the Spannabis 2018 event this weekend we are giving everyone 30% off EVERYTHING! Just use promocode SPANNABIS30 at checkout. This offer is only valid from 9th March to 11th March inclusive so don’t miss out! Back in stock – You can see the full list...
  5. Critical Kush a la’ Joe the Chro

    Critical Kush a la’ Joe the Chro

    6 weeks 2 days flower
  6. Critical Kush a la’ Joe the Chro

    Critical Kush a la’ Joe the Chro

    6 weeks 2 days flower
  7. I

    ItsNatural's Semi-Organic Multi Strain Manifold Garden

    Hello everyone. :welcome: On the list this grow SOUR D Strain Highlights Sour Diesel, sometimes called Sour D, is an invigorating sativa-dominant strain named after its pungent, diesel-like aroma. This fast-acting strain delivers energizing, dreamy cerebral effects...
  8. aminarc420

    Amin420 First LST Attempt - Pineapple Chunk, Critical Kush, Bagseed - Soil/LED/Indoor

    Whats up, growers! This is only my second time growing and I really love looking back to see my babies growing so I decided to make another journal. As the title says, this is my first attempt at LST. After seeing some of your guys master grows using LST, I wanted to try it out for myself...
  9. GroZone

    Grozone's Multitent Adventures - The Story Of A Perpetual Harvest

    Lets start off with my setup: -Critical Kush x3 (clones by midnight farms) -39" x 39" x 70" Mars Hydro Grow Tent -The Perfect Sun 500 LED (on timer) -One Intake Fan -One Oscillating Tower Fan -Coco Loco Growing Medium Mixed With Extra Perlite -5 Gal Smart Pots -Flora Nova Grow, Flora...
  10. B

    Barney's Farm Critical Kush Feminised 2017

    germinated using paper towel, planted seedling a day later (tap root appeared) directly in 10*10inch pot. (final pot) Currently on day 22 since planting the seedling. Plant is 4.3 inches tall, newest set of leaves have 7 fingers, developing it's 6th set of true leaves. Will post picture...
  11. coralman

    Critical Kush - Coco - 1000W - 5x5

    This is my first serious indoor grow so will need help as i go along so thanks in advance to the people subbed.... 5x5 Roof cube 1000w dual spec with dimmable ballast cool tube rhino 6inch fan and filter Growin Critical Kush from barneys farm 5 gallon pots Coco Fox farm trio with advanced cal...
  12. snack420

    Snack420's 3rd - Critical Kush - Indoor Grow - Coco - 600W MH/HPS - 2016

    Hi all, Welcome to my 3rd grow journal here at 420magazine.com! This website has been so inspirational for me and a huge source of valuable growing information. I want to give back to the community what I can by sharing my experiences while I continue learning about the wonderful world of...
  13. S

    First DWC SOG Hydro Run - Blue Cheese & Critical Kush

    A litle things about me . i have grown only on soil till now my first run was an unknown strain seed i found on some medium to low quality weed here some pictures So as the title says i am trying to do an indoor sog, plants have been grown from seed into soil for the first month...
  14. heanter

    Heanter's First Grow - Barney's Critical Kush - Strawberry Blue - HPS -Soil

    Hello everybody, :welcome: I hope you are all doing fine. I met with this friendly 420 community last year. I wasn't know anything about growing cannabis and decided to grow my own and thanks to you all, helped me with my first grow. This grow will be my second but first proper grow with...
  15. Away

    Away's Second Grow - DIY - Mars II TopLED 400W (80x5W) - 2015

    Hello and welcome to my second journal. :peace: This journal will cover the year 2015's grows on my behalf. To sum it up shortly.. I build the cabin myself and a description of how can be found in the first pages of my first grow journal (link in my signature). The idea of my grow is...
  16. cap10cannabis

    First Grow in 18 Years - Pure AK - WWxBB - Pineapple Chunk - Critical Kush

    Well Hello everyone and let me start off by thanking everyone for the information I have gathered from you all in the past 2 months. I decided to start cultivating again after a 18 year layoff and decided on the following : Growlab tent 4’x4'x6.6’ (for flowering) Sun Hut Blackout 40...
  17. Joesoap

    JoeSoap Is Back - Autopot - Coco - Barneys Critical Kush/Cotton Candy - 600W

    Im back once again.....this time for good Hi eveybody. After a long hiatus and some unfinished journals (sorry) Im starting again and sticking it out to the bitter end this time. The details Age: One week old from seed Strains(s): Barneys Critical Kush(4) and World of seeds Cotton Candy(2)...
  18. Johnboy6006

    JohnBoy's Winter Grow 2014 - Critical Kush

    Alright everyone I've been growing my mothers out for a couple weeks from seeds running into a few problems but hopefully I'll get that fixed shortly. Strain - Critical Kush Medium - 75% coco 25% perilite Light - 600w Hid setup with cool tube reflector. Space - 3x3x4 homemade box Here...
  19. Johnboy6006

    GJ - Critical Kush Mothers - Barney's Farm

    About to get some mothers going for my grow, I'll be going with some Critical kush. I'm going to start them under my 2' x 4 tube flourecent. I'll grow them out till I can get between 10-15 clones off them(I will have a seperate journal when I get the clones up an going). I soaked two seeds on...
  20. K

    Kushington Farms Starts New Critical Kush Grow Journal

    01/15/14 Good Highs everyone, How is everyone doing today? This thread is dedicated to Critical Kush. It will include pictures of all the plants I run that are from this strain. It will include several generations of the strain that I have been running for about 2 years I think. It is very...
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