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    Critical Week 8
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    Critical Day 50
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    OGC -emerald triangle genetics 3.3 zips 34 days veg coco first run . Best plant quality to date
  4. si12

    Si12 400W LED Soil LST - Santa Bilbo, Lemon T Kush, Red Dragon, Crit Jack, White Sib

    Setup Strain Bank S/I% Santa Bilbo Genehtik ??? Lemon Thai Kush Humboldt 60/40 Red Dragon Barney's Farm 70/30 Critical jack Dinafem ??? White Siberian Dinafem 25/75 400W LED (compared to a 1000W HPS) Tent size 120x120x200 Soil Biobizz Light on 14Lt Smart Pots...
  5. TorturedSoul

    Auto Purple Skunk Mass - Critical Mass Collective?

    Has anyone here grown - or even smoked - Auto Purple Skunk Mass, from Critical Mass Collective? I got one of the seeds a while back as a freebie, and am trying to find some information beyond the breeder/seedbank spiel. A quick web search netted me NOTHING, which is somewhat troubling.
  6. Icemann420

    Iceman420 DWC Indoor Hydro Grow With Growers Choice Seed Co

    Welcome to icemann420's dwc grow using growers choice seed co. So we will b growing one tangerine dream and a critical purple. Description Characteristics Reviews (9) Viewed 88 times today. Purchased 22 times today. Purchased 173 times this week. Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering feminized...
  7. M

    1st Coco Grow - Critical + 2.0

    Hello guys, so yet another "1st whatever" thread but I'm really out of names right now so we'll stick with the default layouts. So, a bit information about the grow, The strain is Critical + 2.0 300x150 tent with 5x600 lights that will have 16 plants in it 100x100 tent with 1x1000w...
  8. M

    3rd - Another By Mooshu - Sunsystem DE HPS

    Another by Mooshu NEVER STOP IMPROVING summery hello everyone I'm just beginning to put all my leafs together and about to lift off with another grow. this grow is not sponsored by sunsystems but id like to review and use their lights to give Double ended HPS' a try. ive been (on and off)...
  9. N

    First Grow UK - 9 Critical Impact - 1 Cherry Amnesia

    Hi everyone So I have recently joined the site as I've been coming here to research info for my first grow so I thought I'd share my experience to help others in my position and gain any advice along the way. So if you guys will be patient with me as I'm new to forums and growing that would...
  10. S

    I Do CDN Clones - So Said The Lighthouse Keeper

    Good day friends ;) My shipment of clones from WeedMD came in this morning. 2x Ghost Train Haze 2x White Shark 1x Critical Mass The clones arrived in a completely different container than the ones from ThcBiomed. The clones themselves were not nearly as rooted either, but should be...
  11. B

    Critical Cheese Auto

    hi, I'm growing 2 critical cheese atuos by dinafem under a 2 ft. 4 tube t5ho grow light. the plants just turned 3 weeks old today and just threw pistils. 2 weeks old 3 weeks old
  12. dieselskunk

    1st Real Grow - Critical & Skunk#1

    As the title said this is my 1st real indoor grow. This is week 2 for this Critical feminized I got as a freebie from attitude seed bank. Growing in soil with dyna gro bloom for nutes. Skunk regular plants look great as well. Previous attempt many years ago was poor at best. I was growing...
  13. P

    Pipers Perpetual Auto Grow Diary

    Pics to follow. 7 days since breaking soil. Hey guys :volcano-smiley: So good to be back :) How is everyone doing? Has anyone tried any of these two? The auto is well ahead but we are only on day 7! Also the RQS slightly damaged it's first true leaf when emerging but is fine now. They are...
  14. S

    Critical Jack - Dinafem

    Hi ! Here is my last harvest, critical jack from DINAFEM, :cheer2: Currently drying, can't wait ! :drool::Hookah: Thanks for reading :Namaste:
  15. C

    Critical Sensi Star Flower Day 45

    Hi Everyone: Attached are few pix of my current grow Bubba's Gift and Critical Sensi Star (Delicious Seeds) Flower Day 45. The specs are included in my Bubba's Gift thread below (soil, smart pots, 600W MH/HPS, H&G 25%). Critical Sensi Star is 10% Sativa - 90% Indica yet my girl on left went...
  16. Dave Groomer

    Critical Jack For Mars-Hydro Cup

    I started a Critical Jack From Delicious Seeds for the Mars-Hydro Cup. She is being vegged in a 2x2 Mars-Hydro tent with 2 Mars 400 lights (full spectrum no switches) For flower, she will be in a Mars 3'3"x3'3" tent with a Mars 900 over her and 4 old style Mars 300 (1 hanging sideways in each...
  17. Fingolito

    420 Shades Of Violet - The Journal

    Hi guys! Ive been puffing the herb for about 15 years now and figured it was time to take up the art of growing (for personal use). I did tons of reading on different websites and watched videos for about a month and decided to just jump into it without much of any preparation really haha As...

    Critical Mass

    Hey guys I heard Critical Mass was prone to mold?...Any ideas on what % is ideal??. And whats the ideal way to control humidity? I do have a window unit, 7500 btu keeps the temps at 73 and the humidity at 60 all the time.....Is that ideal? Thanks Ahead for anyones time and opinion...
  19. cannaruss

    4x8 Tent Grow - Mendo Purp - Lemon Skunk - Critical & Mataro Blue

    just sprouted these girls
  20. ewilan947

    Ewilan - Again! - Critical Grow Autoflower - Free Seeds!

    :welcome::420::Namaste: welcome here on another of my grows. this journal will be dedicated to the free CRITICAL autoflower seeds I got from my order at They will be grown in: -coco pellets for seed germination -small 0,5L pots for seedling stage -11L pots for mature...