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  1. J

    Best crock pot recipe?

    Over the past year I've tried many methods of coconut oil and crock pot but I still can't find the right ratio of oil, herb and time to cook in the crock pot This time I have about 2oz of 20% thc bud which I want to concentrate enough to last me a month but not too much so that I am not...
  2. D

    Making Veg Glycerine Tincture

    Hi, Any info will bne helpful. I want to make vegetable glycerine mj tincture. Ive read to decarb the kief or bud at 240 degrees for 30 mins. I want to use a crock pot on low heat for 12 hrs. Do i still need to decarb, or will the heat from cooking in the crock do it? My mj is...