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    Wanted to say hello to anyone with Crohn's - I am new

    Hi there! I just started smoking due to my Crohn's disease. So I plan on positing up lots of questions. I will eventually write a nice profile or thread giving the rundown on my story. But for now I just wanted to say hi! If you have Crohn's also, and have some good experience with smoking...
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    Ground Cannabis into Gel Capsules and Crohn's Disease?

    Hey, i dont know if this has already been discused. I am wanting to know whether grinding cannabis and putting it into capsules is a viable method of treating crohn's disease. Will it work, ie: will the colon absorb the thc and cbd from the ground cannabis? Would the ground cannabis irritate...
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    Edibles and Crohns?

    I have Chrohn's disease, Does anyone else with Crohns, have an issue with edibles working for them?
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    3 meter - 10 foot - volcano vapor bag!

    My close and inspiring friend Kenichi Nalita a forefront member of the Medical Marijuana Liberation Front came to San Diego for a visit with hopes of connecting with like minded individuals. When he arrived at the house he asked, "Do you like to vaporize?" I assured him I did. "I have a treat...
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