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  1. Crown Royal from Crop King

    Crown Royal from Crop King

    Crop king Crown Royal
  2. 20180704_175829.jpg


    CK White Cookies clothes hamper grow.
  3. IMG_20180505_235343.jpg


    4x4 600w grow
  4. NIK_9776 Skunk.jpg

    NIK_9776 Skunk.jpg

    CK Skunk 91 days, 4 weeks into flower
  5. 9778Bberry.jpg


    CK Blueberry 91 days, 4 weeks into flower, short pistols
  6. NIK_9514 copy.JPG

    NIK_9514 copy.JPG

    Stretched Skunk, 50 days
  7. NIK_9514 copy.JPG

    NIK_9514 copy.JPG

    Stretched CK Original Skunk 50 days
  8. 80B4E745-1D18-4B4B-B20C-4DC69CCEFD9B.jpeg


  9. F9761686-5C33-4D32-9FAE-8448616C4BF9.jpeg


  10. 5380CDFC-7BB5-4874-AF06-9571F207A2CC.jpeg


  11. 91ECCA65-03E4-4885-9246-E2A50592FDDF.jpeg


  12. 6CA54247-7C6A-4B38-8E4B-E697631614BF.jpeg


  13. buzz62

    Growing Indoors In The Great White North: Blue Berry, Skunk, Kush

    Hello from Canada! Just started 3 varieties, 5 seeds each, two days ago in paper towels. I have reg Blueberry and reg Original Skunk from Crop King, and some kind of kush seeds that must have got away on the grower, so I an assuming these seeds will be either female or hermies? After one...
  14. Diggler420

    Diggler CK Photo Indoor LED - White Widow Durban Poison Cali OG Silver Haze

    Hello all, This is my fourth indoor grow and first time to publish my garden. I have had great luck ordering seeds from crop king and got my last order very fast. Planting: 4- white widow 4-Durban poison (only 3 popped out of the ground) 4-super silver haze 4-cali og kush/haze...
  15. B

    Crop King Seeds Jack Herer Auto Outdoor

    Hey everybody, this is my first solo grow, and I used Crop King seeds Auto fem Auto flower Jack Herer seeds outdoors. I used 5 gallon-ish pots, with Fox Farms Ocean Forest for a medium, which I loved. I started germinating these in late May/early June, so they are about 80-85 days in. I did not...
  16. K

    Autoflower advice here - Ask anything

    Hey everyone I'm here because I was asked to by one too many friends and definitely not here for any ego or bragging rights , just here to help share my knowledge. Ive been in the growing game for I believe 17-19 years for some reason I lost count awhile back. Im using a combination of the...
  17. C

    Seeds from Crop King

    I just want to say thank you to Jane and the staff from crop king seeds. When I signed up here I honestly got frustrated trying to figure out a name not taken.. Lol.. So I just typed in crop King because I was frustrated and laughed like Hell when it was accepted... Anyway.. I just want to say...
  18. HashGirl

    First Grow - Crop King Hash Plants

    My husband planted these back at the beginning of June and I think they're starting to look pretty good (and they smell pretty good, too):
  19. N

    5 Train Wreck Auto - 5 Early Miss Auto - 3 Green Crack Fem

    Pro mix Earthworm castings 4-6-6 Alaska veg pellets Extra perlite Blood meal 3 gallon containers for autos Transplant cup-1 gal- 3 gal- 5 gal for green crack 1000w hps 4 ft umbrella reflector 2x 105w cfl 6500k 5000 btu window unit 12x10x6.5 grow room Need more light eventually but this is...
  20. H

    True OG Clone Grow - 1st timer

    My first grow. I was fortunate to obtain some True OG clones a few days ago. Got em transplanted into soil. Concerned about the yellowing/browning/curling so I posted a thread asking for help on that. While a little impatient waiting on the clones, I procured some Crop King Seeds and have...