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  1. 20180704_175829.jpg


    CK White Cookies clothes hamper grow.
  2. IMG_20180505_235343.jpg


    4x4 600w grow
  3. NIK_9776 Skunk.jpg

    NIK_9776 Skunk.jpg

    CK Skunk 91 days, 4 weeks into flower
  4. 9778Bberry.jpg


    CK Blueberry 91 days, 4 weeks into flower, short pistols
  5. NIK_9514 copy.JPG

    NIK_9514 copy.JPG

    Stretched Skunk, 50 days
  6. NIK_9514 copy.JPG

    NIK_9514 copy.JPG

    Stretched CK Original Skunk 50 days
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  12. buzz62

    Growing Indoors In The Great White North - Blue Berry - Skunk - Kush

    Hello from Canada! Just started 3 varieties, 5 seeds each, two days ago in paper towels. I have reg Blueberry and reg Original Skunk from Crop King, and some kind of kush seeds that must have got away on the grower, so I an assuming these seeds will be either female or hermies? After one...
  13. Diggler420

    Diggler CK Photo Indoor LED - White Widow Durban Poison Cali OG Silver Haze

    Hello all, This is my fourth indoor grow and first time to publish my garden. I have had great luck ordering seeds from crop king and got my last order very fast. Planting: 4- white widow 4-Durban poison (only 3 popped out of the ground) 4-super silver haze 4-cali og kush/haze...
  14. B

    Crop King Seeds Jack Herer Auto Outdoor

    Hey everybody, this is my first solo grow, and I used Crop King seeds Auto fem Auto flower Jack Herer seeds outdoors. I used 5 gallon-ish pots, with Fox Farms Ocean Forest for a medium, which I loved. I started germinating these in late May/early June, so they are about 80-85 days in. I did not...
  15. K

    Autoflower advice here - Ask anything

    Hey everyone I'm here because I was asked to by one too many friends and definitely not here for any ego or bragging rights , just here to help share my knowledge. Ive been in the growing game for I believe 17-19 years for some reason I lost count awhile back. Im using a combination of the...
  16. C

    Seeds from Crop King

    I just want to say thank you to Jane and the staff from crop king seeds. When I signed up here I honestly got frustrated trying to figure out a name not taken.. Lol.. So I just typed in crop King because I was frustrated and laughed like Hell when it was accepted... Anyway.. I just want to say...
  17. HashGirl

    First Grow - Crop King Hash Plants

    My husband planted these back at the beginning of June and I think they're starting to look pretty good (and they smell pretty good, too):
  18. N

    5 Train Wreck Auto - 5 Early Miss Auto - 3 Green Crack Fem

    Pro mix Earthworm castings 4-6-6 Alaska veg pellets Extra perlite Blood meal 3 gallon containers for autos Transplant cup-1 gal- 3 gal- 5 gal for green crack 1000w hps 4 ft umbrella reflector 2x 105w cfl 6500k 5000 btu window unit 12x10x6.5 grow room Need more light eventually but this is...
  19. H

    True OG Clone Grow - 1st timer

    My first grow. I was fortunate to obtain some True OG clones a few days ago. Got em transplanted into soil. Concerned about the yellowing/browning/curling so I posted a thread asking for help on that. While a little impatient waiting on the clones, I procured some Crop King Seeds and have...
  20. N

    2 x Chemdawg Bag Seed - 10 x Train Wreck Auto CKS - Outdoor

    This is my chem plants, both look totally different because one was accidentally stunted do to clumsiness. Veging out my good growing chem in at night out in the day in the garden, I would leave it all day under 4 CFLs because it grows nicely but it gets too hot 90° and higher but have in and...