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  1. shovhd

    Shovhd's GH Waterfarm CropKing WW Auto Grow Journal - 2017

    I have done a couple of grows, with varying amounts of success and failure. This is my first journal. I'm kinda following the famous PE grow by Scottyballs. Here's hoping: What strain is it? CropKing White Widow Autoflowering from seed Seedling day 5. Indoor Grow Tent Hydro - GH Waterfarm...
  2. S

    Crop King's White Widow - Coco Coir - LED

    Hows it going? This is my first time posting any kind of grow journal. I've ordered crop kings seeds a few times and, so far very happy. These young feminized white widows popped up after 12 hours soaked in glass of well water, then four days under moist coco. I plant my seeds in the final...
  3. S

    Dwarf Low Flyer Fun Grow On My Deck In The Pacific Northwest

    My apartment has a small, fairly private deck that gets morning sun (when the sun comes out at all here in the coastal Pacific Northwest), so for a science project I'm growing a CropKing Dwarf Low Flyer autoflower in a pot out there. I planted the germinated seed on last day of winter. The...
  4. K

    Crop King Bubba Kush Grow - One Seed - DWC - 400W HPS

    Re starting My grow journal on 420 Mag site so that others that are using Cropking seeds can see What's up with this great strain. Lets have a look at where I'm at first.
  5. B

    CK Bubba Kush

    Going to be running the bubba kush soon anyone have some pics or info on the strain would be helpful thanks :)
  6. CMJJMC2000

    First Grow! - Aerogarden Ultra With Mars Reflector 48 Using CK Dwarf Low Flyer

    First off, I want to start by throwing out a big "Thank You!" to all of those who have contributed knowledge to these forum boards. Without y'all providing the knowledge, I wouldn't have the ability(or confidence) to attempt this. Second, some background on me. This is my first *real*...