1. Kingjoe83

    600 Watt LED Indoor Crop King Auto First True Grow

    I everyone my name is Joe. I am a noob looking for anyone with pointers who can help guide me in my grow and follow my progress with me. my set up is currently tent 2.5x2.5x5 feet, 2x 300w full spectrum mars hydro led lights, about to grow in 3 gallon fabric pots, hp pro mix blend growing...
  2. Kingjoe83

    Hey every NooB here

    Just wondering if anyone has some time to spare and help a fella out with some questions please see my blog in my profile fr further information. I appreciate anyone who comes follow me and my journeys dealing with autos from crop king nyc deisel grown happening in next few weeks from seed. can...
  3. OldSchool 64

    New Crop King Seed Grow - White Widow - Purple Kush - Green Crack - Crown Royale

    Just got 4 strains started...few days old..Ww. pk. Gc. Cr. Will be growing in happy frog mixed with coco perlite. Worm castings and lime. Mix is per 5 gallons.. 3 gallons HF 1 gallon coco 1 gallon perlite 2 cups worm castings 2/3 cup of lime.. Will be in veg under mars 144 reflector and...