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crown royale

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    Crown Royale
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    Crown Royale
  3. TryingHigh

    Crown Royal 3x3 Indoor In Cold Room, Soil

    So here goes... This is a first grow attempt but I've done a great deal of research, google, journal reading before hand. With a first grow - i expected to gain experience and keep things somewhat standard and vanilla. Nothing goes as planned. As of now, I'm still in the vegetative...
  4. Syko420

    My 1st grow

    Hi I'm syko amd this is my 1st grow i have ever done with help from raze58 of course I'm on week 8 of 9 weeks
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    4x4 600w grow
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    4x4 canopy
  7. Old Salt

    Crown Royale Indoor Coco Coir Grow

    Preamble: I'm a new grower, with a lot of gardening experience. I can't smoke or vape cannabis without trying to cough up my lungs. I chose capsules for my meds. A size 2 capsule will hold 150mg, and a size 0 holds 250 mg or ¼ gm. That's enough for now, as I'm not trying to get high...
  8. H

    First Timer - Soil Water & Nutes

    Hey guys, I've done a good amount of research and am just about ready to get started but I'm brand new to this so bare with me. Im growing purple kush and crown royale indoors in 7 gallon plastic pots (7gallon each with drainage holes and saucers all that). Wanted to know what brand or type of...
  9. 420madmanmad

    Sour Diesel & Crown Royale: Madman's Grow Continued

    Sour Diesel: Type: Indoor Growing: Moderate Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks Indica/Sativa: Sativa Hybrid Effect: Spiritual Uplifting THC: Medium-High THC%: 18.50% Laboratory Report THC Chart CBD: 0.80% Laboratory Report CBD Chart CBN: 0.40% Laboratory Report Country: United States Yield...
  10. B

    Br4iNl3sS 1st Grow Journal - Indoor - Grow Tent - Coco Coir - Crown Royal - MH300

    Hi my name is Br4iNl3sS :P and im gonna attempt a first grow and i wanted to provide information on what not to do :D I'm shure this thread will be full of it. Okay so like the title says im gonna grow Crown Royal from CKS in a grow tent 32x32x60 gonna grow in COCO and im gonna use 1 MH 300 LED...
  11. captainhowdy

    Please check out my grow journal! Unanswered questions

    Could someone please help me out and answer a question for me on my grow journal regarding flowering transition? I'm growing Crown Royale, Dark Angel and Green Crack using a 400W MH AND 3 four-foot T5HO sunblasters in a closet for veg and 1000W HPS in a 4X4 cabinet for flowering. The Crown...
  12. arteekay

    Arteekay's Second Grow - Crop King Autos & Feminized - Mixed Strains

    Happy New Year everyone! We planned to have these girls all sprouted and ready for tonight, with the idea of announcing our New Years Babies. But then I remembered it would only be in our timezone, so whatever. I'm shooting for the first journal of 2016 for the central time zone. We popped...
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