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crystal cookies

  1. PurpleGunRack

    Cookie Theater: Only For The Deranged

    :welcome: Welcome to my new journal :welcome: :48: :yummy: This time I'll be doing a phenohunt on 3 Cookie strains :yummy: The strains are: Crystal Cookies - In House Genetics - Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Animal Cookies Sunset Sherbet - Phenofinder - Girl Scout Cookies x Pink...
  2. PurpleGunRack

    First High Brix Grow

    :welcome: Welcome to my new journal :welcome: -First time growing in ''The Kit'' Seeds planted: 21MAR2018 Finally have the chance to try out Doc's kit, I don't have access to the recommended peat and EWC, so this will be euro style High Brix and this is what went in: 1 bag First-Run...